Farm of Dorst-Seere impressed by Israel van Dorsten

Raven van Dorst started last night with a new season of Farm of thirst. In which Israël van Dorsten, known for the Ruinerwold story, and Jaimie Vaes, ex-rapper Lil Kleine, told their story. And viewers are often impressed by Israel’s wisdom, humility and optimistic outlook on life despite his traumatic childhood.

Van Dorst likes to alternate serious conversations with humor, as the TV personality has been known for some time now. For example, in last night’s episode, she jokes to Israel, “You’ve been to the farm before,” to which he himself laughs. “We almost have the same last name,” Israel says, after which Van Dorst can’t help but say, “We’d be family.” Israel is one of four runaway Ruinerwold children featured in the documentary Children of Ruinerwold revealed what secretly took place for years at Drenthe Farm. Subway earlier, sister Mar interviewed Jan van Dorsten about their long-kept family secret.

Jaimie Vaes talks about an abusive relationship in Farm of Dorst

This time the co-guest is Jaimie Vaes, whose name is inextricably linked with the violent excesses of the rapper Lil Kleine. Vaes arrives fashionably late on the farm. This because she had to come from Ibiza and then some jet lagged from the Burning Man desert festival. Van Dorst cannot help mentioning several times that ‘Madame’ came very late.

Vaes has always had many boyfriends, she says that she likes relationships. “Only one didn’t go so well in the end,” replies Van Dorst. Which Vaes agrees with. She quickly knew she and her ex had a “abusive relationship“had. “I was often a bit embarrassed by the situation, so you just swallow. Because yes, if I answered then never mind…” Van Dorst asks what Vaes was ashamed of. “To everyone who was there. If someone calls you in front of everyone else, I felt embarrassed. Whereas he should be ashamed.” Although Vaes gives the impression that she can get a lot, according to Van Dorst she was “a big ball of stress”. “I weighed only 45 kilos and was not very comfortable in my own skin. Due to stress, I didn’t feel like eating anymore and I just sat with a cigarette in my mouth. I was just up.”

Raven van Dorst critical of Jaimie Vaes approach

According to Vaes, almost everyone has told her to go. “But you go back anyway.” She now has a new relationship, the son Lio does not see his father at the moment. Vaes takes full care of their child, although she wishes her ex was more involved. “But dad has to do something about that too.”

Van Dorst also asks her about her reality series and the media appearances he gave. According to Vaes, her abusive relationship is also part of her life. But Van Dorst wonders if her son Lio can still form an independent opinion. Vaes thinks so. “What I’m assuming is that he’s going to see that his mother has done everything she can to take care of him. Where no help has been offered from the other side.” But Van Dorst strongly doubts whether Lio does not “ventilate” his mother in the public space. Something that, according to Vaes, is not the case.

Vaes’ buttock fillers and other cosmetic procedures are also discussed. “Aren’t you happy with your natural gift?” asks Van Dorst. But, according to Vaes, it is also a picture of this current time. She emphasizes that her “head is not completely sprayed”, but that this is the image people have of her. Still, Van Dorst wonders if Vaes, with his ‘just fake’ appearance, does not represent an unattainable ideal. “I don’t see myself as a figurehead for young children. I certainly won’t deny that Instagram can be ‘tricky’. Even for myself. A world is being created where perfection prevails, but I myself participate in it. “

Viewers impressed by Israel van Dorsten

After Israel fled his family situation at the time, the revelations about the farm came out soon after. Israel now lives its own life. He studies sociology and likes to write stories. The Ruinerwold father, who also faced legal proceedings, is now in an institution and Israel has not seen him for over a year. There will never be a confrontation between the two, because his father suffered a brain haemorrhage.

Israel tells Van Dorst frankly and honestly about the situation and the therapy sessions that are helping him. The viewers of the program are impressed by his wise words. Van Dorst mentions that the world can be a ‘confused mess’. “I still think the world is pretty beautiful. Sometimes it’s good to look more at the positive things. Don’t dominate the misery, then you won’t have the strength to overcome it and do something about it,” Israel said.

Wise and optimistic words Israel in the farm of thirst

The Ruinerwold son says sharing his story helps others, too. “So you’re actually going to save the world now,” Van Dorst says, referring to his father’s ideas. “Absolutely not. I wouldn’t either, I have better things to do,” Israel laughs afterwards. And when Israel later turns out to be brilliantly good at Pim-pam-pet, Van Dorst wonders why Israel knows so much . “You had no contact with the world, did you?”

Israel appeared after he fled the farm, primarily looking for contact and making friends. He later says that he has been in a relationship, but that some struggles from the past make it difficult. This is because before he had to suppress his emotions and sexual desires. And that makes things quite confusing at times. Although he longs for an emotional connection in a relationship and to have his own family.

You look back Farm van Dorst via NPO.

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