“New plumbing machine Ideal for packing chestnuts”

According to Themistoklis Pantelidis, chairman and CEO of the Greek Pantelidis Industrial Weighing & Automations, the AVNP 450 vertical packaging machine from the Italian machine builder GNA offers several advantages: standardization of production, being able to pack and label with one and the same machine, speed and accuracy, cost savings , exquisite design, robustness and flexibility. By simply changing the size and width of the coil, net bags of different sizes and types can be produced.

“Our company is specialized in weighing and packaging machines, and we have been active in the automation sector for 70 years. The integration of GNA machines in our packaging lines, including dosing and weighing machines, gives us complete solutions in the production phase. They are easy to implement Furthermore, we have worked with GNA for years on a technical and commercial level,” explains Pantelidis.

The vertical packaging machine AVNP 450 (Photo: GNA)

About the AVNP 450, the GNA management says: “It is the perfect system for packaging in vert bag, but also in packaging with other materials. It can be combined with any weighing system and is suitable for packaging different types of vegetables and fruit, in pillow bags or folding bags . The structure is made of stainless steel and depending on the characteristics of the product, the packaging material and the dimensions of the bags, the machine can reach speeds of up to 80 cycles per minute.”

“Furthermore, with the advanced PLC and touchscreen, commands can be given in a simple and intuitive way. The three brushless servo motors work quietly and guarantee high precision in the length of the bag and when cross-welding.”

Artion chestnuts in vertbags (Photo: Themistoklis Pantelidis)

A customer at Pantelidis Industrial Weighing & Automations uses the AVNP 450 for packing chestnuts. “The machine is ideal for packing chestnuts. For our customer, we adapted the packing machine to use extruded mesh instead of the normal film. The chestnuts are packed in square mesh bags, with film on both sides and holes for fingers,” continues Pantelidis.

“AVNP 450 can use all known films: PE, PP, laminated films, PE + net, PP + net, paper. For the chestnuts, the material used is extruded PE mesh, with foil on both sides.”

Right: Artion chestnuts in vertbags (Photo: Themistoklis Pantelidis)

“In a period of crisis like the one we are experiencing now, with general price increases and labor shortages, the reliability of the machines is very important,” said the Greek operator. “The AVNP 450 packer offers good value for money. Also, few spare parts are needed to keep the packer in perfect condition for years to come.”

Pantelidis advises everyone who wants to buy the AVNP 450: “It is a packaging machine that is also suitable for users without a high technical level. Many different packaging options can be used on this machine, and it can also be combined with dosing or weighing equipment. (multihead scales, linear scales, counters, etc.).”

Additional specifications for the AVNP 450
“The machine allows a quick change of the forming tube. With the electrical panel inside the packaging machine, the dimensions of the machine are slightly reduced and it is also easier to clean,” they explain at GNA. “The AVNP 450 is equipped with two shafts for the film rolls with a diameter of 76 or 150 mm. With a simple change of the sealing rods, it is possible to change to pillow bags in PP, PE, bags with or without handles in PP + net or PE + net .”

“In addition, we have developed a communication protocol to make this machine compatible with the most common weighing systems on the market,” they conclude at GNA.

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