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Are you helping to stimulate language development?

In the Netherlands, almost 15% of young people have a language deficiency. They have difficulty understanding their textbooks and therefore sometimes cannot keep up in school. Even at a later age, many people still have problems with reading and writing: 1 in 9 Dutch people between the ages of 16 and 65 have low literacy. About half of these have children under the age of 18 themselves. VoorleesExpress volunteers are committed to fighting language delays and supporting parents in positive reading education. Do you want to help too? To help even more children in Zwartewaterland, Zwartewaterland Library is looking for enthusiastic volunteers to read to them.

Are you helping to stimulate children’s language development in your municipality?

15 minutes of reading a day
Children who do not master the Dutch language have an increased risk of language delays. The consequences of a language delay are great: children find it difficult to understand their school books, they find it difficult to keep up with their peers and become unmotivated at school more quickly. Children who develop a language delay at a young age have difficulty catching up at a later age. It is therefore necessary to invest in prevention and to stimulate language development from an early age. Young children are very sensitive to language. For example, 15 minutes of reading a day ensures that children do better in language and mathematics later in school.

Volunteers read aloud
VoorleesExpress is committed to reducing language delays and low literacy. Thousands of volunteers are engaged in this nationwide. The volunteers from VoorleesExpress visit families at home and read to them. Together with parents, they are also looking for fun ways to give language and reading a permanent place in the family. The more a child reads or is read to, the greater the enjoyment of reading and the more literate the children become. This means that the children do better in school. A positive influence that children benefit from throughout their lives.

Hans has been a reader at VoorleesExpress Enschede for five seasons. A voluntary position that he handles with passion: As a reader, you get the opportunity to help children with their language development in a fun and playful way. In many families it is noticed that children are very clever and willing to learn. Because they hardly speak Dutch at home, they find it difficult to show their feelings. By reading to children one to one, you not only stimulate language development, you also ensure that children can participate together with their peers. A great opportunity to bring them so much beauty with relatively little effort!

Proven effect
VoorleesExpress has been active throughout the Netherlands for more than ten years and, together with the help of libraries, welfare organizations and other organisations, has now guided more than 15,000 families. Successful! Research shows that:
– Children who participate in VoorleesExpress perform better on language skills such as book orientation, reading comprehension and vocabulary;
– The language environment at home has been enriched: parents have more fun reading aloud and are more aware of the importance of reading aloud;
– The number of library visits has increased;
– Children look more often and longer in books.

Become a volunteer
Zwartewaterland Library is looking for enthusiastic volunteers for VoorleesExpress who want to read to families in Zwartewaterland every week. Together with the coordinator and the family, you ensure that after 20 weeks parents are able to stimulate children in the language. Do you also think it is important that language development in your municipality is stimulated more and would you like to contribute to this? Check out www.voorleesexpress.nl and sign up!

By: De Zwartewaterkrant | news editors

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