Dash 2 Trade Raises Over $4.5M

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The Dash 2 Trade Presale has already raised more than $4.7 million in just 2 weeks after launch. This means that the Ethereum-based trading platform will enter its next phase in the coming days. This will happen when €5,166,000 has been raised.

Currently, a second stage coin still costs 0.05 USDT. In the third phase, this will increase to 0.0513 per The D2T token. Ultimately, this presale will go through nine phases, and in the final phase, one D2T token will cost 0.0662 USDT. This means that those who invest in the first phase will already have more than 39% profit.

Dash 2 Trade raises over 4.5 million USD – Price increase inevitable

The Dash 2 Trade Presale has picked up steam in recent days as Monday’s total stood at €3.5 million. The amount collected has increased by around 88% in the past 9 days.

It is likely that the increase in interest in Dash 2 Trade is a result of its future listing on the Hong Kong-based CEX LBANK exchange. This will happen when the pre-sale ends, probably the first quarter of 2023.

Of course, it is also the basics of Dash 2 Trade that contribute to the success of the pre-sale. The platform provides investors with a wide range of trading tools, such as real-time statistics, social trading data on the crypto market and much more. Using these tools, investors can make better choices in the crypto market.

The list of Dash 2 Trade features will increase over time. When it launches in the first quarter, it will. according to the Dash 2 Trade Whitepaper, has the following tools:

  • Trading signals for buying and selling opportunities
  • Social sentiment data and on-chain analysis
  • Strategic and social trading tools designed to help investors build new trading strategies
  • Access to new crypto presales
  • Notifications when new cryptocurrencies are listed

These features are made available through Dash 2 Trade’s subscription system. There is also a free version, but it has fewer tools compared to the Starter and Premium plans.

The starter subscription costs 400 D2T per month, with which it offers a number of tools, such as tools to prepare your strategy. In addition, it offers automated trading tools.

The premium subscription costs 1000 D2T per month, which gives you access to all the tools of the cryptoanalysis intelligence platform, such as professional market indicators, on-chain data and much more.

Because these subscriptions are paid through D2T tokens, this ensures that there is a constant demand for this promising crypto as long as the platform will be used. This demand will increase the demand for the currency. It should not be forgotten that the coin has a maximum supply of 1 billion tokens.

Another bullish element to Dash 2 Trade is that the team is very experienced. It is also the team behind Forex signal provider Learn2Trade. This is a community with over 70,000 members. This gives good prospects for Dash 2 Trade.

In addition, Dash 2 Trade already has over 42,000 followers on Twitter. An impressive amount for an account that was only created in September.

Investors can participate in the presale of Dash 2 Trade can visit the website and connect their MetaMask or Wallet Connect crypto wallet. After that, Ethereum or Tether can be used to buy Dash 2 Trade.

Increase after listing

The Dash 2 Trade presale will end in the first quarter of 2023. After that, the coin will be listed, starting with the LBANK exchange.

This is very good news for Dash 2 Trade given the strong year the coin launched. Tamadoge, for example, rose about 1,800% after launching on OKX and became a top 3 coin in terms of trading volume.

While the market remains uncertain due to macroeconomic conditions, it appears that the Dash 2 trade will sell out quickly. The platform has the foundations to be a success and is now at the end of the second phase of the pre-sale. After this, the price will rise to 0.0513 USDT per 1 D2T token.

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