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Recently Laminex and CJH Studio entered into a lucrative partnership stemming from a shared passion for custom joinery. The result is a convincing fusion of clean designs and high-quality laminate. With the studio’s creative eye, four rooms were created that unrestrainedly bring the qualities of this material to the fore.

At Laminex you will find high-end laminate products that always give a room an authentic charm. Their offerings include the Woodgrain collection, which consists of finished panels with beautiful wood grain. With this laminate, you give your home a unique luxurious atmosphere. To fully convince the general public of this, Laminex teamed up with CJH Studio. The studio was asked to design four contemporary spaces, each demonstrating the potential of Laminex Woodgrain in an aesthetic way. Imagicasa had the chance to ask Cassie James-Herrick, who founded CJH Studio in 2017, some questions about this exciting collaboration.

What were the initial inspirations for this project?
“When Laminex approached us, there was an obvious love we shared for custom joinery as it is an important part of what we do with CJH Studio. However, in this collaboration we have not only wanted to challenge the traditional uses of the material in different ways, but also show that you can fully optimize this product with different techniques and high-end details. The rooms had to be functional and practical, but also have a timeless aesthetic.” What is the greatest asset of Laminex Woodgrain?
“The biggest advantage of the laminate from Laminex was its versatility and flexibility. The fact that you could manipulate the material influenced many elements of the design. In addition, the Woodgrain collection is durable and user-friendly; you can also integrate it into your bathroom and kitchen without any problems. Personally, I am particularly attracted to the texture of the wood and the color of the stain, as it gives you full control over the final result.”

Excellent quality, disarming charm and purity

In what ways does Laminex form the common thread through this design?
“Laminex provided a few guidelines for each room that made it clear what they were looking for. First of all, they wanted a kitchen that focused on a lighter colored Woodgrain with the Chalk finish. The design also had to have an additional interpretation, which happened in the form of a bar. I also wanted to show here that different types of Woodgrain can be successfully combined in one room. Next, we designed a living room that showcases a light-mid tone Woodgrain. Here it was crucial that storage space was used in a creative way and that the carpentry work was multifunctional. This space was designed during an extended shutdown in Melbourne, so I was influenced by the urge for multi-functionality. For example, the desk can be fully integrated into the design. In the bathroom we had to use as much laminate as possible and we were given a free choice as to which type this would be. Although minimalist in style, this intention allowed the product to increase its strength thanks to the curved elements. Finally, there is also a changing area where a Woodgrain structure extends from floor to ceiling.” Laminex Woodgrain is an ideal material for various creative directions. This collaboration with CJH Studio is perfect proof that your personal style is easily compatible with this high-quality laminate, which is also available in many variations. The studio effortlessly managed to put Woodgrain in the spotlight without compromising their own aesthetic philosophy.

Do you want to know more about this collaboration between Laminex and CJH Studio? Read the full article in Imagicasa Summer 2022.

Photograph by James Geer

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