Solution Banneweg is asking for 14.4 million euros

How do we ensure that Banneweg in Gorinchem becomes safer for traffic? Is it easier to cross for slow traffic and has a better flow? This is the task from the Mobility Vision 2040. All surveys and studies have been completed, reactions from stakeholders have been included and a draft design has been prepared. Also the associated estimate of the costs to further develop and realize the design.

An amount of 14.4 million euros is needed. “I am happy that the puzzle has been put together and that the implementation of the second phase is one step closer. With this sketch design, we can tackle and improve Gorinchem’s important traffic artery”, says councilor Molengraaf.

Traffic survey Banneweg

In collaboration with the engineering and consulting firm Antea Group, research was carried out on the De Kom and Tussen de Bruggen roundabouts. These studies were necessary because the flow of traffic through these roundabouts determines the flow on Banneweg. The project has been expanded based on the research. In addition to realignment of Banneweg from the intersection with Stalkaarsen up to and including the De Kom roundabout, the approach to the Rotonde Tussen de Bruggen and the adjacent road network around the lock facility also appear necessary. The promising solutions have been input to the follow-up study, which was recently completed. In this study, different solutions and variants were outlined, ultimately leading to a preferred solution.

Process sketch design

The solutions and variants were presented during the Banneweg information market on 10 May 2022. Everyone from the city was welcome to be informed and respond. Questions and suggestions could be asked the same evening. The designs could also be viewed in an online environment and people could rate and react to them. In total, almost 50 responses were received. These reactions have all been seen and evaluated and have led to adjustments to the design. In the end, the preferred solution was developed for the sketch design.


Banneweg is a difficult puzzle because there are many users with different interests and the available space is limited. How can we, for example, ensure that Banneweg becomes safer for cyclists? One of the measures to make it safer for cyclists is the construction of separate cycle paths along the entire Banneweg. Cycle paths are also being built on Hoge Brug and Kanselpoortweg.

In addition, safety is improved by giving the Piazza Center a separate and direct connection to car traffic. The road profile is also reduced to 1 lane per direction in different places, so that fewer tracks have to be crossed. This improves crossing ability and makes crossing the road safer.

Cars and cyclists separated at intersections where possible

Where possible, cars and cyclists will be separated at intersections when crossing Banneweg. It is a series of measures. The report includes all initiatives that promote road safety, crossability and traffic management. The report with the traffic study, including the sketch design and the responses to the reactions from the municipality, can be seen on the Banneweg project page on the municipality’s website.

Council decision required

An amount of 14.4 million euros is required for the further design of the preferred solution and the start of the realization in 2025. It is up to the municipal council to decide whether it wants to make this amount available in the form of an investment loan. The board is expected to make a decision on this on 26 January 2023.

Mobility vision Gorinchem 2040

In January 2020, the city council adopted the Gorinchem 2040 Mobility Vision. Subsequently, the measures for the Mobility Vision were elaborated, and in September 2020 the municipal council adopted an action overview and an implementation agenda 2020-2023. With regard to the Banneweg project, three measures have been identified which will lead to improvements in traffic safety, crossability and traffic flow on Banneweg.

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