Vectorworks 2023 is fully committed to optimization

Since the end of October, the renewed 2023 localized version of the CAD and BIM software Vectorworks is available in Dutch. In 2023, Vectorworks focused on optimizing the software. Design Express’ – the official distributor of Vectorworks – reinforces designers’ mission to support designers.


“We’ve pushed efficiency to the benefit of designers, so they can in turn go after creative design,” said Vectorworks CEO Dr. Biplab Sarkar. With an extensive suite of new tools and numerous feature enhancements, Vectorworks users can expect several updates in Vectorworks 2023.


Vectorworks 2023 brings major updates to the BIM workflow. For example, the window and door tools, designed by Design Express, have been thoroughly revised. Getting started promises to be easier, faster and more powerful. In addition, the program optimizes the use of Revit files. The new import options provide more flexibility and the Revit file structure is better preserved.


In addition, the BCF interface also underwent a metamorphosis. This interface became a palette that syncs with cloud-based collaboration tools like BIMCollab, BIMSync and more. The speed of your workflow has also been considered. With the new technology in Vectorworks 2023, Slice windows refresh in the background up to six times faster. In this way, you can work undisturbed with other tasks.


Vectorworks Landscape 2023 brings new and improved features that underline the quality of Vectorworks as a pioneer in landscape architecture for BIM. The latest version introduces improvements in leveling and terrain modeling, giving greater control over the pavement contour.

Through the partnership with Laubwerk, Vectorworks 2023 also provides access to the new, expanded 3D plant library for more accurate 3D plant rendering, documentation, with the added benefit of keeping file size under control. This includes the new Hedge Tool, which works intuitively and delivers an accurate result.

Collaboration on files is made easier with Vectorworks’ GIS and georeferencing. GIS settings of reference documents are now automatically adapted to those of the main document, and it is possible to save preferred methods of recording coordinates.


Vectorworks 2023 speeds up and automates your daily tasks. With the new home screen, getting help from Vectorworks is easy. There you can find all information about news, courses and practice files at a glance.

The new Distance Edge tool now allows you to resize any outline on curved surfaces, and it automatically includes Push/Pull mode. In this way, the software achieves more flexibility in modeling unique 3D solid objects.


In addition, there are new options for Shaded Rendering (formerly OpenGL). This tool now also supports ambient lighting, glow, reflections and an unlimited number of lighting objects. Shaded Rendering is now of better quality, which makes it a good contribution to the visualizations. Redshift rendering styles are no longer limited to a computer’s graphics card (GPU), but can now also use the processor (CPU) for processing.

Dave Donley, director of product technology at Vectorworks, Inc., said: “Working in 3D has never been better. Now you see the model in high-quality context with lighting and materials, all in real time. Changes in geometry, materials and lighting are instantly visible , and the high-quality rendering allows you to really understand how your design will look. Once you try New Shaded Rendering, you’ll never go back.”

This also benefits the entertainment sector

Finally, Vectorworks Spotlight 2023 also underwent several improvements. Entertainment professionals can get started with new tools that reduce manual work and provide even more efficient workflows.

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