You go through these 4 stages when you start dating

Dating can be moo and moo exciting. Therefore, it can be very nice to know what to expect. Every person, every dating process, and every relationship is unique, yet there’s a good chance you’ll go through exactly these 4 stages.

Good preparation is half the battle.

This is what you can expect when you start dating

You might have noticed, but.. Cuffing season has started again and it’s causing many people to commit to someone. To do this, you’ll need to start dating, but that can involve a lot of uncertainty. As unpredictable as dating is, there are at least 4 predictable stages that you will almost certainly experience when dating someone. We currently divide these 4 stages into attraction, infatuation, deeper connection and dedication.

Phase 1: The moment of attraction

Whether you met on the supermarket shelves, dared a dance (or kiss) in the pub or just swipe been through a dating app – of course a dating relationship has to start somewhere. The diverse ways of meeting provide many different opportunities to get to know each other. No matter how extensive this first meeting is, you often sense quite quickly whether there is enough interest for a second meeting.

Phase 2: Interest, curiosity and…sudden obsessive infatuation

In the first stage of attraction (usually), a person’s physical characteristics – physique, appearance, clothing, posture, etc. – are the most important. Next come personality traits. The attraction is usually not very deep at this stage and both parties put their best foot forward to impress the other. Real conflicts don’t happen very often either. How different you are from each other is usually not noticed or seen as unimportant at this point. Also, many people at this stage believe that any differences can still be changed and that the other person will adapt. This second stage usually lasts 3 or 4 months, depending on how mature both lovebirds are. The deeper into this phase, the more often you will ask yourself if you are right for each other.

Phase 3: Deeper Connection

In this phase, the hormones calm down and the curtain falls. Reality takes over the stage again from the fairy-tale world. Couples become more deeply connected, trust is built and the relationship becomes more intimate. The mask of the ideal version that was often seen on someone in the beginning is removed and you will behave more relaxed and natural. The downside of this phase may be that the true nature comes out. The negative sides, weaknesses and differences will also be noticed and the first irritations will develop. At this stage, there are easily two options to choose from: complain about these differences or try to resolve them.

Because of the deeper connection that is being built, the big question increasingly emerges: “What are we really?“. Women are often more likely to ask this question than men, but in the search for an answer it is crucial not to push. Both people should listen carefully to their gut. All the more reason to just take it easy at this point.

Phase 4: Commitment

In this final phase of your dating life and the beginning of an official relationship, you are increasingly immersed in your “partner’s” life. You find out more and more whether you fit together. The similarities in standards and values, the other’s lifestyle and goals become increasingly important. Questions about finances, children, career and lifestyle are discussed. It is also often the time when you get to know family and friends. Do you still like what you see, feel and experience together. Then it just might be that yours free-ranging, quails or prela will be transformed into a relationship. Not quite sure yet? Then ask yourself these 26 questions.

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You go through these 4 stages when you start dating

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