Florence tips from local Carolina Bucci

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This article was created in collaboration with Audemars Piguet.

The movie House of Gucci, From the beginning – Netflix’s number 1 series at the moment – and jewelery maker Carolina Bucci. They all choose Florence as the enviable, magical setting. Bazaar’s Miluska van ‘t Lam went to investigate and asked local hero Carolina Bucci, who approaches, she must see.

Carolina Bucci

Sarah Jessica Parker, Victoria Beckham, Sienna Miller and Gwyneth Paltrow. They all elope with Carolina Bucci, the jeweler in Florence who is often mentioned in the same breath as the Swiss watchmaker Audemars Piguet. Who is Carolina? And above all, what are her favorite addresses in Florence, the city that is now at the top of city trips again thanks to the number 1 Netflix series ‘From Scratch’.

Dressed in a comfortable flowing white dress with her self-designed brightly colored pearl bracelets around her wrists, Carolina Bucci (1976) casually strolls through Florence. The narrow alleyways are strewn with boulders and the sun is high in the sky. The Ponte Vecchio looms before us; the famous bridge in the cinematic city. Carolina Bucci’s studios are also located near the bridge. ‘I came here as a child; I literally and figuratively grew up among the jewels. My great grandfather designed chains for pocket watches. That’s how it all started in 1885. I’m a fourth generation jewelry designer. The jewelry my family gave me was boring to me. I wanted to prove that from this workshop, with the same values, ingredients and craftsmen, we could also make jewelry that is modern and funny radiate. So I started experimenting and making jewelery that I wanted to wear myself.’ With a big smile: ‘So a very selfish reason, and that’s how I still design.’ In recognition of its love of craftsmanship and detail, Audemars Piguet asked Carolina to design watches, of which the Frosted Gold edition of model Royal Oak perhaps the best known. The rest is history. And now the two artisan families have become very close, and Carolina continues to design watches and special editions for Audemars Piguet. About Florence, she says: ‘It’s very easy to say what this city means to me: home. I was born here. This is my childhood. Everything I know I learned here. Then I moved to New York. These two perspectives have made me who I am. Sometimes you need a little distance to look at things with fresh eyes and admire them again. A visit to Florence should start here’, points out the jewelery entrepreneur, ‘on one of the bridges over the river that divides our city in two. The left and right banks are so different and it’s worth admiring. Florence is small and many addresses remain unchanged. They are timeless. This is what makes the city so charming and so unique.’

Florence Hotspots

Earlier this year, Carolina Buccis launched Audemars Piguet’s designs Royal Oakin honor of his fiftieth birthday. The watch was first designed for women in 1976 by Jacqueline Dimier. Her other design for the watch case is a black version of the classic, including a holographic dial. The watch is tough, but feminine and full of contrasts; The tapestry effect brings the watch to life. It’s a colorful one touch that fits seamlessly with the designer’s signature. Bucci is a beloved name in the jewelry and watch world and a welcome resident of Florence. There is no better person to get tips from for one of Italy’s most artistic cities.


Palazzo Strozzi and the Bargello Museum

Palazzo Strozzi, it couldn’t be more contrasting. Here you will be spoiled with contemporary art for a year, while the palace itself is Renaissance. And of course the Bargello Museum, my father’s favorite museum, with the best collection of Renaissance statues in the world.

Pasticceria Stefania: the place where I always stop, on the way from home to the studio. Be warned: they have the best cakes in Florence here.

Four Seasons Hotel: The gardens are so beautiful and you can walk to the heart of Florence in minutes.

An aperitivo and a mini truffle sandwich at Procacci is a must, if only to spot the most beautiful Florentine people.

The spa at Borgo Santo Pietro, where all the ingredients from their medicinal gardens are also used to make oil for the spa treatments.

Il Santo Bevitore for the great Tuscan slow food, light and healthy, perfect for an extensive lunch with the family.

Mercato Centrale, here you can shop, eat and catch up at the same time: ideal for catching up with friends.

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