This green crypto is giving away $100,000

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The new crypto project IMPT is not only going through the presale like a train, it is also giving investors a chance to win €100,000 in IMPT tokens.

The eco-friendly platform helps fight the climate crisis by offering carbon credits as NFTs, giving early investors the chance to win this massive prize.

The competition runs until April 18, 2023, and investors must have €100 worth of IMPT in their wallets on that day and participate in a series of tasks.

There are 10 ways to participate, and each person can earn up to 40 entries by completing tasks such as following IMPT on social media and posting about the project.

Enter the €100,000 giveaway here

Investors rush to buy IMPT during pre-sale

The project is currently in high demand in the cryptocurrency world and this will only increase in the future as the exposure of IMPT reaches new investors.

Currently, this new crypto is in its second phase of pre-sale and has already raised more than $14 million. It therefore appears that this coin will sell out before the end date of the presale.

The project uses blockchain technology to contribute to the fight against global warming. IMPT does this by converting carbon credits into NFTs. Investors can use this to offset their own carbon emissions.

IMPT green crypto

CO2 credit is a credit that allows holders to emit a certain amount of CO2. One CO2 credit stands for one ton of CO2.

IMPT wants to facilitate the trading of CO2 credit by making it available as NFT and thereby combat a well-known variant of CO2 fraud – namely the double use of one CO2 credit by several companies.

Investors can buy and sell the carbon credit NFTs on the IMPT market, but can also hold them as a long-term investment.

The CO2 market is poised for massive growth over the next ten years, with Bloomberg estimating that the voluntary CO2 market could grow from €2 billion to €100 billion by 2030.

CO2 credit price

Besides trading and using it as an investment, holders can also choose to withdraw carbon credit from circulation to get other NFTs. In this way, you can compensate for your own CO2 emissions.

Through IMPT, users can also earn IMPT tokens by shopping at select stores. These earned IMPT tokens can then be used to purchase carbon credits. The stores will return part of the money earned as IMPT tokens.

Thus, consumers can make greener choices by choosing stores that provide a higher percentage of IMPT tokens as rewards.

IMPT currently has more than 10,000 affiliated stores, including Microsoft, Lego and Amazon. Many stores already trust this pre-sale crypto.

See the IMPT pre-sale here

IMPT Token Presale Info

IMPT is now in phase 2 of 3, with tokens costing $0.023 each. More than €14 million has already been raised.

In the first phase, the tokens were sold for €0.018 and in the third phase, the coins will again be increased by half a cent, with a price of €0.028. This means that the difference in price between the first and third phase is 55%.

IMPT Presale info

This means that an investor in the second stage will get 4,378 IMPT tokens for €100, while he will only get 3,571 tokens in the third stage.

In total, 1.8 billion (60%) of the total holding of 3 billion will be for sale during the pre-sale. The presale tokens will be available immediately after the presale is sold out.

During a private sale for early investors, 10% of the tokens were sold. The remaining tokens are for developing the ecosystem (15%), marketing (10%) and for the team (5%).

IMPT is built on Ethereum and the developers behind the platform are publicly known. In addition, they have been KYC verified by CoinSniper, while the token’s Smart Contract has been audited by blockchain security firm Hacken.

For more information about the pre-sale and the IMPT platform, you can read the IMPT white paper and the Telegram channel.

Visit the IMPT pre-sale here

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