Kids4KiKa organizes a big KiKa Event in De Kreek in Zwaag


ZWAAG – Twelve children in the Bangert and Oosterpolder districts of Zwaag hope to be able to donate a nice amount to the Children’s Cancer Foundation (KiKa) on December 8. For the past two years, they have been collecting empty bottles in their neighborhood to raise money. They do that now, but the children will be even bigger this year with a KiKa Event for young and old. It will take place on Saturday 26 November from 14:00 to 18:00 at MFA De Kreek in Zwaag.

Having fun and raising money for a good cause

Two years ago, these young children unfortunately experienced firsthand what it is like to lose a friend to this terrible disease. The fact that the group has been acting for KiKa since Elana’s death in 2020 is also a way for them to remember their dear friend. She was only nine years old. “Unfortunately, Elana died, but we hope to be able to help other children with this action. What happened to us is of course not nice and very sad. We don’t want this to happen to other children,’ explains Isa (13).


Everyone is welcome on November 26 in De Kreek, where there is plenty to do and experience that afternoon. “We started brainstorming in September,” says Noa (12). “Other years we were able to do less than we really wanted because of corona, but now we can organize something very big. First we agreed on a date and place. Ed Bobeldijk from De Kreek was immediately excited and made the entire location available for our KiKa Event that day. We are very grateful to him for that. Then we emailed a bunch of companies asking if they would sponsor us. We got a lot of positive reactions to that. That’s why we can raffle many great prizes in the lottery during the KiKa Event”, beams Noa. “A high tea, dinner vouchers, zoo tickets, cinema tickets, it’s all there.”

Famous singer

Lieve (12) continues: “The children can buy a ticket at the entrance for five euros, and there is free entry for the adults. The profit will of course go to KiKa. Children can then play all afternoon on the inflatables, participate in sports activities, play games, get their faces painted and much more. Children can also make crafts in the studio, get their nails painted, ride a pony and put out a fire. There is a balloon clown walking around and there are gingerbread cookies. The children will of course also get something to drink and something delicious. The mascots Benno (for the district of Bangert and Oosterpolder, ed.) and KiKa are also there, and there is also a performance by a well-known singer! We hope a lot of people will come!”

Coloring page

Children can take part in a coloring competition, where they also have the opportunity to win great prizes. The coloring page, designed by Lieve’s grandfather, can be picked up at De Kreek, but it can also be downloaded from the Facebook page ‘Kids 4 KiKa Zwaag’. Visitors can return empty bottles during the event. Albert Heijn Bangert and Oosterpolder and Dorpsstraat Zwaag and Jumbo Zwaagdijk participate in the bottle campaign. There is a market for the parents and a raffle is also organised, where you always have a prize. A day where you can enjoy yourself with the whole family, where fun comes first. And precisely having fun is not a matter of course for all children. Coming together and supporting a good cause, that’s what November 26 is all about. All proceeds this afternoon go to KiKa. “Last year we raised almost four thousand euros, but I think we will go over that this year,” said Isa.

Support KiKa

Isa, Guus, Lieve, Abel, Sil, Noa, Finn, Rani, Senn, Rohan, Valentijn and Floris hope that a lot of people will visit their event on 26 November. The address of De Kreek is Meetketen 1-3 in Zwaag. The perfect place for this KiKa Event in the heart of Bangert and Oosterpolder. Can’t come but want to support these children’s efforts? Then scan the QR code at the bottom of this article. For more information, visit the Facebook page (Kids 4 KiKa Zwaag) or Instagram (kids_4kikazwaag). The final amount will be handed over to her father in the form of a check on December 8, Elana’s birthday. This final amount belongs to KiKa in its entirety.

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