Legend training of the brain in children with cognitive problems

Editorial Medicalfacts/ Janine Budding 9 November 2022 – 08:00

Collaboration Kempenhaeghe and Aristotle Technologies

Children with a neurological disorder often have learning and developmental disabilities as additional problems. In collaboration with the Eindhoven start-up Artistotle Technologies, the Kempenhaeghe Center for Neurological Learning and Developmental Disorders will work on the development of a computer-aided training tool that can be tailored to the child. This allows children with a neurological disorder to playfully train brain functions that hinder them in everyday functioning and learning at school, such as memory, attention and planning skills. It increases their quality of life.

Start brain training early

Last week, Kempenhaeghe and Aristotle Technologies signed a collaboration agreement to develop this training tool for children with neurological learning and developmental disabilities, such as congenital and acquired brain injuries, as well as Duchenne muscular dystrophy, neurofibromatosis (NF-1) and epilepsy. Dr. Jos Hendriksen, clinical neuropsychologist Kempenhaeghe: “There is a big challenge because these children are threatened in their learning by brain-related problems. The earlier brain-adapted training can be started, the greater and wider the effect on learning performance and behavior later in life. In addition, don’t forget that learning and behavioral functioning and building confidence go hand in hand and influence each other.”

Unique expertise

The Kempenhaeghe Center for Neurological Learning and Developmental Disorders has unique expertise in the Netherlands in learning and behavior in children with neurological disorders. Through the collaboration with Aristotle Technologies, this expertise can be used to develop treatment options. Training the brain as an information processing system is an option where there is broad interest and where input from technology is indispensable.

experimental garden

A ‘test site’ will be established in Kempenhaeghe to see if the developed courses are in line with the experiences of school-aged children. During training, children always receive feedback on their performance so that they can immediately adjust their behavior. New training tools are developed with new individual exercises and tasks to further train the brain. The training tool will also be used in the outpatient clinic of the Kempenhaeghe Center for Neurological Learning and Developmental Disorders.

Together for a vital society

“For us, the collaboration with Kempenhaeghe is a good example of how parties in the Brainport region can come together to innovate for a more vital society. Kempenhaeghe and Aristotle Technologies will continue to challenge each other to excel in what inspires us both so much: training children with cognitive challenges to get the most out of their lives. I look forward to the results we will achieve as a team together with Kempenhaeghe”, says Maurits Overmans, co-founder and CEO Aristotle Technologies.

PSV cooperation

Aristotle Technologies and Kempenhaeghe got to know each other through a collaboration with PSV Academy Eindhoven. In this unique collaboration, there are on the one hand children with a healthy brain and talent for exercise and football and on the other hand children with a neurological disorder for whom learning and movement are threatened. The joint expertise that results from this can lead to new insight and methodology in diagnostics and care as well as guidance and training in the PSV Academy.

Photo: Dr. Jos Hendriksen, Kempenhaeghe (left) and Maurits Overmans, Aristotle Technologies (right)

Source & Photo: Kempenhaeghe

Editorial Medicalfacts/ Janine Budding

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