The opposition has many questions about use and parking spaces: This is what the Vercamer farm will look like

Architectenbureau Maf from Kortrijk presented the final design of the new multi-purpose building at the recent city council, which will be added to the already restored barn in Hoeve Vercamer in Kuurnsestraat. A beautiful design and the majority and the opposition agree on that. Only the latter believes that it should not be another Lindelei, and the price tag is also too high, the opposition believes.

The new multi-purpose building is to be built on the site of the second, not yet renovated barn. The building measures 7 by 21 metres. A fifth of the building will serve as sanitary facilities with a storage room behind. In addition, there will be an entrance at the front and the spacious kitchen with an island, around which there is sufficient space to walk around, among other things, cooking workshops. The other three-fifths make up a multi-room with a bar. Sanitary facilities will also be available at the front if the multi-room is not open. There is an awning and a spacious terrace. It will all be finished with attractive materials, a country style and a matching metal roof structure. The floor will consist of brown-red tiles. Price: 471,294 euros.

No party room

The opposition party N-VA thinks it’s a nice design. “But as it looks on the plan, this multi-purpose hall could well become a kind of second Lindelei, where all kinds of parties and receptions will be arranged,” says Marnic Vandenbroucke. “And according to N-VA, it cannot be intended to provide such a ‘second Lindelei’ in a nature reserve. The hall has room for 70 people, there is room for 140 people standing.”

The design is no longer changed, only minor changes can still be made

“There is a spacious kitchen where cooking workshops can be held by associations. How many will be there in a year, we wonder. Four, five times? According to the mayor, the associations could give their bid on how the new building should look. Which associations? We as the opposition were not allowed to participate. They come to the city council with an almost final plan, and we just have to approve it.”

Parking spaces

According to N-VA, Hoeve Vercamer is not a place for some kind of other Lindelei. “There are also only four parking spaces in the area, and the streets in the area are too narrow to park there. Where do the people who come to a party there lose their cars? The closest places to park are at Prizma Primary School and I don’t think revelers will go that far. Does the municipality intend to make new parking spaces there somewhere? Hoeve Vercamer is located in the middle of a nature reserve near Agerhønskoven. An ideal environment for those who love nature, for schools to go for a walk with the students and get an explanation of what goes on in nature. And it doesn’t require an expensive project. We estimate that the total Hoeve Vercamer project will now cost around 1.3 to 1.4 million euros. And that is at least 200,000 euros too much!”


Francis Bonte from ‘Proud of Lendlee’ has roughly the same objections as N-VA. “It’s a very nice design,” says Francis. “And I heard at the council meeting that the architect’s design must now be submitted to the advisory councils. Why is this only done when the design is completely ready? They should have done that first and only then gone to the city council. The opposition is also faced with a fait accompli and was not given the opportunity to make its contribution. I also have my reservations about the beautiful commercial kitchen, where, according to the majority, only a few workshops are given a year. There are still many things that are not completely clear to me. Which direction does the multihallen go? If it’s going to be some kind of ‘second Lindelei’, what about the parking? You will have to go there by bike or on foot. And then finally there are the total costs. 1 million was predicted, but I fear it will be a little more.”


“We consider the new design of Hoeve Vercamer to be as good as the final design,” says Mayor Carine Dewaele (CD&V). “The concept as it stands now will remain. The design is still submitted to the advisory councils, after which minor adjustments are still possible. It is certainly not meant to turn it into some kind of second Lindelei or a little Gavers, as the opposition claims. I recently saw students in the domain there. When the multiroom is ready, it must be fully possible for the students to get the necessary explanations about nature, animals, etc.

Councilor for physical planning Daan Mostaert (CD&V) says that the design has been thoroughly discussed in the majority. “After consultation with the advisory boards, only minor adjustments can be made, but the overall design will not change.”

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