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The municipality wants to reduce the amount of through traffic through the city center so that the city center remains easily accessible for the traffic that really needs to be there. For this purpose, the city ring will be adapted and transformed into a parking ring in the coming years. The first measures will start in January 2023. The first work will start at the end of spring 2023. The last ones are planned for 2025/2026.

At the end of 2021, the city council decided to ban through traffic from the city ring. This is necessary to keep the town center easily accessible for the traffic that needs to be there, such as residents, visitors to shops/catering/stages, employees and for emergency services, buses and taxis. Less traffic also means that the city center becomes greener, more pleasant and safer. There will be more space for pedestrians and cyclists.


There are various measures to ensure at least 50% less car traffic in the city centre.

  • Bisschop Zwijsenstraat is cut off from the Paleisring. From Paleisring – Stadhuisplein it is no longer possible to turn left onto Bisschop Zwijsenstraat.
  • There will be a right turn ban on Koopvaardijstraat. From Koopvaardijstraat it is no longer possible to turn right towards Paleisring and the parking garage Koningsplein. The parking garage Koningsplein will remain accessible from Piusstraat.
  • Heuvelring, Paleisring, Stadhuisplein, Schouwburgring and Noordhoekring will be completely converted to a 30 km/h 1-lane road.

Three planning teams including residents, residents and other stakeholders are working together on the design of the new Parkring. In recent months, the planning teams have looked at whether more measures are needed to prevent through traffic through the neighbourhood. That is indeed the case. The municipality is therefore planning to take further traffic measures. A traffic order is required for these measures.

Below you will find an overview of the traffic measures that the municipality will put up for inspection at the end of November. From 11 November, this page will contain drawings and representations of the measures.

On Thursday 17 November, the municipality is organizing an information evening about the proposed traffic measures in the Town Hall from 6.30pm to 9pm. Anyone who has questions or would like to comment on the plans is of course very welcome. The traffic measures will start in January 2023. An exact start date has not yet been announced. But the nearest residents will receive a letter from the residents as soon as this date is known.


Stadsforum is also being built in combination with the changes to the town ring. The 1st phase started in March 2022 and consists of the adaptation of Willemsplein. The car park under the square has now been demolished and the new entrance to the bicycle cellar under the town hall is almost ready. Finally, construction begins on the new square, where the market and events such as the fair will soon land. This 1st phase of the work lasts until the 2nd quarter of 2023. For more information see the Stadsforum page on this page.

planning team

In 2022, the municipality began designing the new Parkring. There are of course all sorts of technical requirements and things that must be taken into account. Consider, for example, events such as the fair, where there must be sufficient space. But there is also room for more greenery, parking for cyclists or scooters or perhaps art. Do we choose more pedestrian crossings, more greenery or wider cycle paths and pavements? There is not room for everything, so we are happy to weigh the options together.

The car park is designed in planning teams. This includes residents, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders. Together we will look at the possibilities and make choices, which are also prepared by designers. For example, there will be a design that the council must decide on in early 2023. There will be a total of 3 planning teams (max. 15 people per planning team), each of which will cover a specific part of the city ring:

  • Plant team Spoorlaan – Heuvelring – Paleisring
  • Plan Piusstraat, Primus van Gilsstraat – Bisschop Zwijsenstraat
  • Plant team Schouwburgring – Noordhoekring

The various planning teams are also discussing measures to prevent through traffic through the neighbourhood.

Traffic counts

Prior to the work, traffic counts will be carried out on the city ring, in the adjacent residential areas and the Besterd and Korvelseweg (shopping) lanes. This creates an updated picture of the amount of traffic. We also examine the economic effects and the effects on road safety.

Mail service

For the projects cityring, Stadsforum (near Willemsplein), Koningswei (Koningsplein) and renovation Stadskantoor 2 (Koningsplein), residents can register with Tilburg municipality’s postal service. They will then receive an email when there is news, such as board decisions or information evenings. You can register on the City Center page of this website.

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