Major expansion to the Brainport Industries Campus

Following the opening of BIC 1 in 2019, the development of the Brainport Industries Campus (BIC) enters its next phase. The need for business locations for both the high-tech manufacturing industry and educational institutions is growing. To meet this need, BIC is starting, among other things, with the implementation of phase 2. Municipality Eindhoven and VOF BIC signed the agreement on Wednesday 9 November and presented the preliminary design. Construction is expected to begin in 2025.

The second innovative campus, also called BIC 2, is the epicenter of the high-tech manufacturing industry. It goes further into the campus concept with shared innovation, high quality and shared facilities, top technology, entrepreneurship, learning and meeting at national and international level. BIC 1 and BIC 2 in Eindhoven Nordvest are located near Eindhoven Airport in an inspiring green and sustainable environment. The campus makes an important contribution to an attractive business climate in the Brainport region.

Public space, greenery and sustainability

The municipality of Eindhoven and VOF BIC (as SDK Vastgoed and MAJA) signed the preliminary agreement for phase 2 on 9 November and presented the preliminary design of BIC 2. As with BIC 1, SDK Vastgoed (VolkerWessels) acts as delegated campus/area developer on behalf of VOF BIC. Part of the front agreement is the spatial framework established by the parties involved and given for the further design of BIC 2.

In addition, the agreement also contains agreements on the current and possibly future ownership of BIC 2. Unique is the agreement to issue the land on a long lease, so that the public interest of Brainport is taken care of. The municipality has a non-exclusive option to buy.

Green and sustainable

Nature, greenery, sustainability and public space are important starting points for the overall BIC campus concept. The preliminary design of the BIC 2 is characterized by stripes, which jumps in the building. This design is designed based on the linear production process of a factory. Due to this way of designing, the building responds with minimal impact to the protected nature present in the area.

“To be and remain the smartest region, you must be flexible in this changing world. By coming up with innovative solutions and innovation, you create a unique climate that strengthens companies’ competition and innovative power. Only if you really understand the user can you sustainably continue the success”, says Ferdinand Gbraken, director of SDK Vastgoed BV

Continuing to build an international campus

“This is an important and historic day. For both the companies in the high-tech manufacturing industry in Brainport Eindhoven and for all employees and young people who want to conceive and realize smart things to make the world a little more beautiful and better. With the expansion of Brainport Industries We build the campus not only on sustainable economic growth in the region, but also on the talent of the future.

On the 225,000 m2 added, business and education come together under one roof, to work together on solutions to all kinds of social challenges. I am proud that we can continue to build on this international campus. Because our city and region have the responsibility to make a difference on important global social themes, such as sustainability, digitization and health,” said councilor Stijn Steenbakkers (Brainport, economy and area development Eindhoven Northwest).

Follow-up process

The preliminary design will be discussed further with stakeholders from the area in the coming months. An information meeting for stakeholders will also be held. This is followed by the preparation of the final design and the procedure for changing the area plan starts. Construction is then expected to begin in 2025.

Campus development organization

In order to shape the ambitions at BIC 2, it was already decided last year to set up a Campus Development Organization (COO BIC). This organization, which consists of the province, municipality and VOF BIC, focuses on further securing and expanding BIC’s ambitions in terms of collaboration, program, lead generation and sustainability. Two quartermasters have now embarked on this. The formal establishment of the fund is planned for 2023.

Brainport Industries Campus

BIC is a development and production site for companies and knowledge institutions in the high-tech sector. Each building offers facilities that multiple parties can use. The device can be easily adapted to the changing needs of users. BIC optimally facilitates its users in collaboration on new production techniques. The campus will also show (international) visitors what the manufacturing industry in the Brainport region has to offer.

The Brainport Industries Campus is located near Eindhoven Airport, the A2/N2 and the Beatrix Canal. The total area is 200 hectares, one third of which is built on. BIC 1 is 100,000 m2, BIC 2 is 225,000 m2. Brainport Industries Campus is a development and realization of SDK Vastgoed (VolkerWessels) and a collaboration with governments and industry. Learn more at

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