The World Cup is about to begin: all our footballers’ relationship secrets revealed!

Matthijs de Ligt (23)

…had only been in a relationship with Annekee Molenaar (23), daughter of former footballer Keje Molenaar, for a few months when he signed a contract with Italian club Juventus. Annekee did not hesitate for a second and followed her great love to Turin. “Matthijs trains seven days a week and sleeps two nights at the club to focus on the next day’s game,” Annekee previously told Vogue Living. ‘So once we have a whole day off together, we enjoy it immensely and actually do very little.’ They don’t even think about getting married or starting a family. “We feel more mature than many of our peers. I notice that others also sometimes make mistakes. Then they ask: Are you going to get married already, when are you going to have children? Hey, I think we are really very young, you know!’ She has now moved to Germany with Matthijs, where he plays for Bayern Munich.

Frenkie de Jong (25)

… asked his great love Mikky Kiemeney (24) during their holiday in America last summer. The two don’t date overnight, having been in a relationship since they were sixteen. They went to the same high school and Mikky saw up close how Frenkie grew into a star soccer player at Ajax. According to them, it is also the secret behind their relationship that Mikky has grown with his success from the start. She moved in with him when he moved to FC Barcelona in 2019. “We just moved in together and I’m looking forward to embarking on this adventure together in Spain,” Mikky told Story at the time. That Frenkie would propose to her was something Mikky had not foreseen. After the World Cup, the couple would start preparing for their wedding. According to insiders, The Big Day was supposed to take place next summer.

Steven Berghuis (30)

Wedding bells would also ring for Steven Berghuis (30) and Nadine Bamberger. In February 2019, they became the proud parents of daughter Joy. Where other soccer women have been called gold diggers in the past, often unfairly, this is certainly not the case for Nadine. She is the daughter of billionaire Lesley Bamberger, whose net worth is estimated at two billion euros. Steven used to have a lot to do with Dutch football fans because he switched Feyenoord to Ajax. Nadine tries to stay behind the scenes as much as possible, but wants to get married. Now that the hectic pace surrounding his move to Ajax is over and the World Cup is soon to be held, they want to take the next love step in their lives.

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Daley Blind (32)

While the World Cup took place in Russia four years ago, Daley Blind (32) proposed to his great love Candy Rae. While most footballers were disappointed that the Netherlands had not qualified for this major tournament, Daley made it a great summer by getting engaged to Candy. The two have been together since 2011, and their happiness was crowned with a wedding ring in 2019. A few months later, their son Lowen was born. Last year they had a daughter, Lemae Lourdes. But their lives have not been all roses. In November 2019, Daley dropped out during an Ajax Champions League match after crashing onto the pitch. At the hospital, he was found to have an inflamed heart muscle, after which an ICD box was inserted. A year later, Daley collapsed again. The implantable cardioverter defibrillator delivered a shock because Daley was in cardiac arrest. Fortunately, he is doing well at the moment. ‘I feel very fit and can do everything a normal person can do. Once in a while you go for a check-up. As long as I still have that drive, I’ll try to make the best of it.’

Luke de Jong (32)

In Eindhoven’s nightlife, Luuk de Jong (32) met Lizanne van Zutven in 2016. His relationship with Maxime Dassen had previously ended. After a year and a half, the footballer called it a day. Luuk would not have liked that she always sought the limelight and even participated in the program Deutschland sucht den Superstar. Lizanne has nothing to do with glitz and glamor and worked for a long time as a physiotherapist. She moved with him to Barcelona and Seville, and now they live in Eindhoven again. Last March their son Finn was born and last May they welcomed son Cody.

Virgil van Dijk (31)

To the outside world, Virgil van Dijk (31) always talks about his girlfriend Rike Nooitgedagt, who he has been with since childhood. But the land records show that the two have been married for some time. The Liverpool and Rike star player lives in England but has also bought a canal house in Amsterdam. Virgil has two daughters with Rike: Nila and Jadi.

Remko Spring (38)

As first keeper at Ajax, Remko Pasveer (38) spends five days a week in Amsterdam and two days in Hengelo with his girlfriend Inèz and their thirteen-year-old twins Bente and Anne. The teenagers follow their father’s career closely and play football themselves.

Nathan Ake (27)

In August 2020, Nathan Aké (27) proposed to childhood sweetheart Kaylee Ramman (27). The footballer fell to his knees on a yacht in Nice in the south of France. The marriage took some time, partly because of corona. But in June last year, Nathan and the then-pregnant Kaylee said yes to each other in Mallorca. The couple is looking forward to the arrival of their first child early next year.

Stefan de Vrij (30)

After his move to Italy, the relationship between Stefan de Vrij (30) and Marloes Buitelaar broke down in 2016. They had been together for six years, but the adventure abroad broke them up. Two years ago he met Doina Turcanu from Moldova. She lived in Italy for her modeling career.

Donyell Grind (23)

Donyell Malen (23) may still be young, the footballer is now married to Delisha (23) and in 2020 they became the proud parents of son London. They named him after the town where they once fell in love.

Steven Bergwijn (25)

Not all soccer players on the Dutch national team are steadfast when it comes to women. Since 2015, Steven Bergwijn (25) has had a relationship with Chloe Jay, with whom he had a son in 2020. Not much later he became a father again – he turned out to be having an affair with Sem Smit. After his relationship with Chloe ended, Sem moved in with Steven in London with their baby. Their relationship faltered last summer. After rumors that Steven had cheated on her, Sem would have shown him the door. They followed each other up on social media. Now the storm is over and they seem happier than ever. They re-follow each other on Instagram and Sem regularly posts romantic photos of them together.

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