This is the relationship timeline of King Charles and Princess Diana

Unfortunately, the relationship between King Charles III – then still a prince – and Princess Diana was not happily everafter. The marriage was contentious and their divorce messy. Diana died a year after the official divorce papers were signed. The royal couple lived continuously in the limelight. The British tabloid press did not let a detail pass without publishing it extensively. Bazaar created a timeline of the beginning, middle and end of their relationship.

This is the relationship timeline of King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla Parker Bowles >

Charles and Diana’s Relationship Timeline

The beginning

  • November 1977 – The young Prince Charles meets Diana for the first time Althorp House in Northamptonshire, England. The 1500 hectare property belongs to Diana’s family. At the time, Charles was dating Sarah, Diana’s older sister.
  • February 1978 – During a skiing weekend in Klosters, Switzerland, Sarah told a reporter that she would not marry Charles if he was “a garbage man or the King of England”. Upset by this revelation to the press, Charles decides to end the relationship.
  • July 1980 – Charles and Diana are invited to spend a weekend at the family home of their mutual friend Philip de Pass in Sussex. When Charles tells Diana about the recent death of his beloved uncle, Lord Mountbatten, something blossoms between the two.
  • September 1980 – Diana is seen at Balmoral Castle, the royal family’s estate in the Scottish Highlands. The rest is history.
  • February 1981 – Prince Charles proposes to Diana at Windsor Castle. She says yes and moves into Clarence House. On February 24, the couple announced their engagement to the world. When a reporter asks Charles if they are in love, he replies, “Whatever ‘in love’ means.”
  • March 1985 – Charles flies to Australia and New Zealand for five weeks, leaving his new fiancé behind. Just before leaving, he calls Camilla Parker Bowles. Princess Diana is seen crying at Heathrow Airport, London. She tells about this later: ‘That phone call broke my heart’.
  • July 1981 – Charles and Diana are getting married. Diana hesitates to go to the altar. Especially when she found a bracelet that Charles made for Camilla. However, her sisters think it is too late to call off the wedding, so she perseveres. Worldwide, 750 million people see Diana – in a dress Elizabeth and David Emmanuel – and Charles agrees.

    The middle

    • June 1982 – Diana gives birth to Prince William. After this, the princess suffers from postpartum depression for a while. She later says of this: ‘I didn’t want to get out of bed in the morning and felt misunderstood.’
    • September 1984 – Diana gives birth to their second son, Prince Harry.
    • 1986 – The Prince and Princess of Wales are unhappy. Both have an extramarital affair – Charles with Camilla and Diana with Army Captain James Hewitt.
    • 1987-1992 – In the following years, the couple are haunted by rumors of their marital problems. In 1987, Diana did not attend the annual royal summer trip to Balmoral Castle. Even during several public appearances, the two seem distant and unhappy.

      The ending

      • November 1992 – Prince Charles and Princess Diana will go on a state visit to South Korea together. They look so unhappy that the British press them tHi Glums call. Literally translated into Dutch: the depressed.
      • December 1992 – Prime Minister John Major announces in the House of Commons that the Prince and Princess of Wales are divorcing. Neither Charles nor Diana comment. Diana later says of this: ‘There were three of us in the marriage and it was a bit too busy’.
      • August 1996 – The divorce is officially finalised. Diana receives a substantial sum of money but is stripped of her titles. Tragically, a year later, her new, free-spirited one ends after royal life after a fatal accident in Paris.

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