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Architect speaks: “Gortemaker Algra Feenstra on the design of hospitals and YVI Ruby”

We spoke with Gert-Jan Groeneveld, controller at GAF for almost 25 years, about the development of the organization, the impact of the corona crisis and how the project management software YVI Ruby contributes to the growth of the agency Gortemaker Algra Feenstra.

Gortemaker Algra Feenstra and YVI Ruby have been working together for two years now. Gortemaker Algra Feenstra is known as a specialist in healthcare, but also works in other social sectors such as education. The designs and its project design are characterized by the technical knowledge of the projects, the logistical flows and the complete alignment with the users’ wishes.

Development towards a specialist in healthcare
“Gortemaker Algra Feenstra already exists 102 years. After the Second World War, our agency specialized in the healthcare sector and has since become one of the biggest players in that market. Thanks to our expertise in healthcare, we have already been able to develop many beautiful projects abroad.

Our commitment is one of our main driving forces in this regard. The customers have begun to appreciate this commitment, and this means that we are often already at the table before a final requirements program is drawn up. We support our customers from design to completion of the building. Because we have all architectural disciplines in-house, we can relieve our customers completely. We primarily use our own staff, which is one of the reasons why we have only grown in recent years.” Deventer Hospital is a perfect example of this, as Gortemaker Algra Feenstra was responsible for the structural, architectural and interior design, including the project design!

Design and project design: Deventer Hospital
Deventer Hospital was a demonstration project for the European Commission in energy and ‘sustainable decision-making’! We have succeeded in designing a project of more than 50,000 m2 flexibly and sustainably and giving it a friendly, (landscape) character by preserving the cultural landscape as much as possible and allowing as many natural details as possible to be reflected in the project design: ‘…imagination takes you everywhere. Seeing natural details provides distraction and relaxation.’ It has become a place where patients, doctors and visitors feel comfortable, safe and at home.

Sustainability and the so-called four-stream model are taken as a starting point for the architectural design and project design. This model is based on a distinction in treatment between patients requiring acute, acute, elective or chronic treatment. Specific organizations have been formed for these forms of care, and routes have been established in the building with separate entrances where necessary, e.g. in acute care. The non-patient related functions lie around it. The project therefore appears as a collection of buildings with their own functions, rather than as one massive building… all the while the energy consumption at Deventer Hospital is 40% lower than comparable hospitals!

Unique working method
“In the design of hospitals, the logistics flow and translation of user wishes are important components. In our design, we focus on conceptual elaboration. Our expertise comes to the fore here, and we have already convinced many of our customers. Designed hospitals where we have been able to realize our concept are for example: Antonius Hospital, Sint Franciscus Gasthuis & Vlietland Hospital Bernhoven and of course Deventer Hospital (see pictures).”

Change in the way of working and vision of design
“Previously, almost all projects were out for tender on the market. The design was developed to specification level and awarded to the lowest bidder by tender. Nowadays, construction is often done in construction teams. The contractor is then selected in advance and involved at an early stage, often already in the final design phase. In this way, we make optimal use of each other’s expertise. It usually improves the quality.

New sustainability requirements and wishes have emerged in recent years. We see trade-offs between the use of sustainable materials and manageable operating costs. To reduce operating costs, more investment is often required in the design. Naturally, we act as advisers by building a bridge between the ambitions and the realization.’

Impact of corona on the organization
“The corona crisis has affected many companies across the country and has also had an impact on construction. As an agency, we have not been affected by the corona crisis. Despite the situation, we have continued to grow steadily and have just started new tasks. A number of projects were already running before corona began to hit the market, and a number of contracts were awarded during the corona period. Our order flow has not suffered as a result and with the agency we have quickly adapted to, among other things, the home working situation.

From that moment, of course, we also had another way of communicating. Much more consultation was forced to take place through online platforms. We’ll set it up quickly. We are still reaping the benefits of this because the current hybrid working method has been fully integrated into our organization, among other things with the help of YVI Ruby. Physical appointments and online meetings alternate, which benefits the progress of the projects.”

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Possibilities in the future
“Looking to the future, we want to further internationalize our office. We have the right expertise and know-how about hospitals in particular, and we have found that we can also apply our knowledge well in other countries. The Dutch hospitals are an example of other countries. Due to the specific laws and regulations, we will always work with local architecture firms on international projects.”

Advice to the architect

“A clear project administration is important to be able to manage the progress of the projects correctly. Daily insight into the project’s results and the remaining budgets per phase is the basis for this. YVI Ruby fits into our working method and gives us the right insight to keep projects under financial control and to be able to adjust quickly when necessary. So I would definitely recommend YVI Ruby!”

Experience with project software YVI Ruby
“Booking of hours goes very smoothly in YVI Ruby. It is also very valuable that you can specify a percentage of completion per phase, so that you can precisely measure your project result per phase and you can determine the billing moments correctly. software cloud is -based , so you can easily work at home or on your phone The options in YVI Ruby are detailed so that we can also make better use of the available functionalities internally It is nice that YVI Ruby links in real time with financial applications so that it also contains the latest available information. “

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