‘Government violence in Iran has already killed 58 children’ | Abroad

At least 58 children have been killed in Iran since the start of protests against the regime in the country. That’s what an Iranian human rights organization says. The demonstrations started two months ago.

The message from the human rights organization Human Rights Activists (HRA) comes at the end of a very turbulent week. In recent days alone, at least five children have been killed by security forces in protests across Iran. That brings the number of children killed since the unrest began to at least 58, the HRA said. According to the organization, there are 46 boys and 12 girls. Almost 400 people have been killed in total. The death penalty has also been meted out to protesters on several occasions.

The current wave of protests began in mid-September, after the death of Mahsa Amini (22). This Kurdish woman was arrested by the deputy police because she had not observed the strict Islamic dress code. She would not have worn her scarf correctly. According to eyewitnesses, she was beaten so badly by the police that she died.


Since then, demonstrations against the Islamic regime have taken place across the country. In the past week, even more people took to the streets, because then the protests of three years ago were also remembered. In 2019, hundreds were killed in demonstrations against high fuel prices. Reports on social media – there is no independent press in Iran – indicated that casualties have occurred again. For example, seven people were reportedly shot dead by security forces in Izeh, in southwestern Iran, on Wednesday. Among the victims are two boys aged 9 and 13. Authorities deny having anything to do with it, saying the people were killed by ‘terrorists’ on a motorbike.

Recent protests have taken place in cities such as Gorgan and Marshad in the north, Tabriz, Arak and Sanandaj in the west and Kerman, Shiraz and Bandarabbas in the south. People also take to the streets in several suburbs of the capital, Tehran. Protesters were even shot at in subway stations. Images have also emerged of officers beating passengers with rubber batons on the train. Many retailers have closed their shops for fear of damage and vandalism.


The government continues to deny that it perpetrates violence against its own citizens. Iran’s supreme religious leader, Ali Khamenei, did not mention the demonstrations in a recent speech. He spoke only of the ‘martyrs’ of the security forces who ‘gave their lives for the safety and tranquility of the people’. The regime blames its enemies. They would have organized the protests to dissolve Iran.

Hossein Salami, the leader of the powerful and feared Republican Guard, speaks of a “war against the martyrs” of the US, Israel, Britain, France, Germany and Saudi Arabia. “All the devils in the world are gathered in a great conspiracy,” he said in a speech in the holy city of Qom last week.

On Friday, the report even came out that protesters had set fire to Ayatollah Khomeini’s house. Khomeini (now deceased) led the 1979 Islamic Revolution against the then-ruling Shah Reza Pahlavi. The authorities deny it, but the news has been confirmed by the Reuters and AFP news agencies.

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