worst viewed Lego Masters final to date

The final of Lego Masters 2022 is over. But which work won? It led to confusion on RTL 4 among the 687,000 viewers on Saturday night.

Warning: spoiler alert.

Final Lego Masters

With 687,000 viewers, it is the worst-watched final of Lego Masters until now. The Dutch version of the program got almost 1.5 million viewers for the finale in both the first season (2020) and the second season (2021). Now not even half of it.

The ending created confusion this time. It was clear that cousins ​​Tom and Peter were the winners. But which Lego work was their creation again? Viewers wonder out loud, criticize the edit and share the answer.

Across Belgium

The public broadcaster’s Saturday night program scored better than the commercial Saturday night shows. This was the case with the exception of the eight o’clock news and RTL News Studio Sports Eredivisie the most watched program with 1,060,000 viewers on NPO 1. Before then The big little train competition good for 951,000 viewers. Meanwhile drawn Across Belgium 868,000 viewers for NPO 2, who wax lyrical about the program and regret the end of the season.

Matthijs continues

Robert ten Brink caught the most viewers on the commercial: after Lego Mastersused to be Friends Lottery Millionaires good for 824,000 viewers on RTL 4. The game show did better than Matthijs continues on NPO 1 (800,000 viewers), where, among others, Roxeanne Hazes and BLØF settled down.


With 706,000 viewers worried All-rounder VIPS SBS6 has just gained a place in the top 10 viewing figures. I love Holland on the same channel falls just outside with 697,000 viewers. Viewers are in favor of keeping Rob Kemps as presenter and not going back to Linda de Mol.

Humberto on Saturday

Humberto did not take advantage of it Lego Masters or Friends Lottery Millionaires. 434,000 viewers tuned in to the evening talk show. The live music was not to the taste of all viewers this time.

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