Theaterkerk Wadway: ‘We hope you feel challenged and join us again’

WADWAY – Due to its ambience and atmosphere, the Wadway Theater Church is an ideal venue for intimate concerts, musical theater and cabaret. Small scale is the key word. The performance is always appropriate for the church and mainly takes place close to the audience present.

Unfortunately, a half-empty Theater Church has turned out to be the rule rather than the exception since corona. “Especially lesser-known names and experimental programs see fewer and fewer audiences than before corona. An evening at the theater has to be planned, and people have done that less since corona. We have to get used to that again. But culture cannot exist without an audience! Those who have a heart for art will have to get out of their chairs. We hope that you feel challenged and join us again,” says Josephine Hertog, chairman of Theaterkerk Wadway.

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Below is the programming for the coming weeks.

Saturday 26 November De Corte & Consorten (Music) Music and stories about my father

Jules de Corte (1924 – 1996) was a musician, lyricist and singer. In other words: a ‘singer-songwriter’ of his time. He became known to the general public for songs such as ‘I want to know’ and ‘The birds’. He performed for forty years on radio and television, in theatres, in bars and prisons.

The son Ernst de Corte had a difficult relationship with his father. ‘I now admire his work, but I have long resented my father for abandoning his family. Our contact was therefore minimal for a while.’ Just as his father and he had begun to talk again, Jules de Corte fell ill and died.

“Meanwhile, I’ve started listening to his music and I’ve also come to appreciate it,” says Ernst de Corte. ‘Looking through the three thousand songs Jules wrote, I looked for what else he had to say. That’s how I got to know him better. I found the answer to many things I wanted to ask him in his lyrics. It is a privilege that I can bring him out a little through his work.’

Friday 2. December Coarse Shaking (Comedy Cabaret) – Brooding

‘Rough Shake is a realistic account of a relationship on the rocks and of an adopted dog that neither wants to part with. After the acclaimed debut ‘Glues’, where Lander Severins and Myrthe van Velden analyzed their symbiotic love to the bone, which was praised in the press and nominated for the Neerlands Hoop, there is now Grof Geschud’s second full-length cabaret performance: ‘The Bridge’.

The relationship didn’t last, the duo did. At least for now.

Experience a hilarious and touching attempt by these ex-lovers to free themselves from the crushing fear of abandonment. An experiment that gets a thousand images in stories, songs and scenes. Imagination as the last lifeline.

Saturday 3 December Sara Leemans (Musical Theatre) – Tonight with you?

“Tonight with you?” is a musical performance about love, choices, standing still and going on adventures. With songs and stories about big questions and little friends. About hunting and peanut butter, a clue, an igloo and a waving father. About continuing to wonder and the art of blushing. Recognizable to anyone who has ever been in love.

Sara Leemans is a soprano and singer-songwriter. She combines her classical background with new forms of theatre. She did this, among other things, with a musical theater performance at Oerol, as a soloist in modern operas and as a theater maker in the Nederlands Kamerkoor’s talent program.

Saturday 10 December Izaline Calister & Thijs Borsten (Musical Theatre) – From the other side

Van De Andere Kant is a musical theater performance by Izaline Calister and Thijs Borsten, in which they humorously let the Dutch and Antillean audience look at themselves through the other’s eyes. With Dutch and Antillean songs, life is told from different perspectives. How do we see each other? What is culturally determined and what is character? And how true are our assumptions?
Izaline and Thijs talk about the differences and similarities between their (island) countries.

Composer and pianist Thijs Borsten traveled to Curaçao with Izaline Calister. Singer and composer Izaline Calister has a large audience in Curaçao, Aruba and Bonaire, and now also an ever-growing audience in the Netherlands. She grew up in Curaçao but lives in the Netherlands, which means that her musical career breaks through the language barrier.

More information and reservations via the Wadway theater church website.

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