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Apple releases all kinds of new products throughout the year. For 2022, it looks like there will be no more new products. The new Macs previously expected for November now don’t appear to be available until the first quarter of 2023. So what else can you look forward to this year when it comes to Apple? Yes of course! Apple has more software features and services planned, though we wonder if they’ll all meet the promised 2022 deadline.

#1 New iPhone Features: iOS 16.2

Possibility of meeting the deadline: 100%
First of all, Apple has planned a software update for this year that includes many new things. We are talking about iOS 16.2 here. Apple actually releases a major interim update every year in December, and this year will be no different. iOS 16.2 brings tons of new features, such as the Freeform app, the new HomeKit architecture, and many more minor improvements and changes. For iPad, there will be even better support for external displays with Stage Manager. We have previously made a summary of all the new functions in iOS 16.2.

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It’s that time again: New features are coming to your iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV. iOS 16.2 brings new features, including the new Freeform app and a number of other improvements. We go through them with you.

#2 New Apple Watch features: watchOS 9.2

Possibility of meeting the deadline: 100%
But there is more than just iOS 16.2 and iPadOS 16.2 on the way. watchOS 9.2 is also coming and a number of new features are expected for a change. For example, watchOS 9.2 adds the Race Route feature, which allows you to race against yourself on a specific route with running and cycling. Apple has also promised that it will soon be possible to use the cellular connection of the Apple Watch Cellular outside your own country thanks to data roaming support. But it is still unclear which providers will participate in this, so whether you as a Dutch user will also benefit from it remains to be seen.

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watchOS 9.2 lets you beat your own records with new training feature

watchOS 9.2 brings a new feature to the Workout app. With the new Race Route function, you can repeat a previous running or cycling session. With real-time information, you can beat your own records.

#3 New Apple TV features: tvOS 16.2

Possibility of meeting the deadline: 100%
Apple TV also gets something new this fall: voice recognition with Siri. In tvOS 16.1, Siri has already received a new design on Apple TV, and in tvOS 16.2, Apple adds voice recognition. This allows Siri to automatically switch to the correct profile if, for example, you ask to play music from your library. However, whether this will also be supported in Dutch is not yet entirely clear. Voice recognition works in Dutch on the HomePod and Siri on the Apple TV itself also understands Dutch, but with Apple you never know.

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Apple has announced a number of new features for Siri on Apple TV for tvOS 16. There will be a new design, new options in combination with AirPods and much more.

#4 New Apple cards in the Netherlands and Belgium

Possibility of meeting the deadline: 80%
Apple announced during WWDC that the Netherlands and Belgium, along with a number of other countries, will receive the completely revamped Apple Maps this year. Apple has now started testing the new card material in the Netherlands. Thanks to the update, the maps look much more detailed, buildings are displayed in 3D and we get features like the maximum speed on Dutch roads. Usually, Apple tests the new cards about a month before the public release, so Apple is pretty much just in time for a release sometime in December. But we are still cautious because the extension for this has been tested in Israel since August and is still not available.

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Renewed Apple Maps almost in the Netherlands: large-scale test phase started

According to an earlier promise, the revamped Apple Maps will be rolled out this year to countries including the Netherlands and Belgium. Apple has already traveled through both countries in the past year to record all the roads and environments themselves, and we will see the result at the end of this year. We are now in the testing phase of the updated maps.

#5 Apple Music Classical: Classical music service

Chance of meeting the deadline: 50%
Apple already promised in August 2021 that there will be a separate app for classical music in 2022, as part of Apple Music. It is almost certain that it will be called Apple Music Classical or Apple Classical. But beyond that, we know very little. In fact, it remains to be seen whether this promised service will meet the 2022 deadline. Although references to the service and app have been found in the code for iOS and more, Apple has yet to reveal them. It may still be added in iOS 16.2, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it’s quietly pushed back to 2023. We’ve previously done an article on the current status of Apple Music Classical.

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#6 Self-service repairs in Europe: repair your iPhone yourself

Chance of meeting the deadline: 50%
Last August, Apple promised that the self-service repair program would expand to Europe later this year. But we wonder if it will still work. When Apple announced this program in November 2021, which allows you to order parts yourself to replace the battery on your iPhone, for example, it was promised that it would start in early 2022 in the United States. But that rollout also took a bit longer, because it only started in the US at the end of April 2022. It is therefore more difficult to roll out such a service than, for example, a software feature, because it also involves the availability of individual components. The entire infrastructure for ordering and shipping parts to users needs to be set up, so we doubt it will come to Europe this year, or if Apple will quietly delay it. The question is also which countries in Europe are concerned, because Apple has not yet given specifications for that.

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#7 Emergency alerts via satellite: first countries in Europe

Possibility of meeting the deadline: 100%
Recently, the satellite communication feature started on the iPhone 14 in the US and Canada. This allows you to call the emergency services in the event of an emergency if you no longer have coverage, thanks to a satellite connection. Apple also immediately announced that these will be the first countries in Europe’s tour from December. These are France, Germany, Ireland and Great Britain. Since this additional rollout has only just been announced, we believe Apple will meet this deadline. The question is, however, when this will be possible from the Netherlands and Belgium, but we will have to wait until 2023 anyway.

Moreover, it is not yet clear whether you as a Dutch iPhone user will also be able to use the satellite function if you are in an emergency situation in, for example, Germany.

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