Bliep Schiedam: ‘Schiedam’s children tell us what they need’

Every child should be able to grow up well. That’s the idea behind Blip. The platform was created on the advice of Schiedam’s children. “Everything we do stems from what they tell us they need,” say Renate van der Donk and Hanna de Vries.

Bliep is a Schiedam online platform for children, young people, parents, social workers and other people involved in raising children up to eighteen years of age. Kleine Ambassade, of which Renate and Hanna are a part, leads the way, but “actually Blip belongs to the city,” they say.

“We act as a kind of middleman here,” they continue. “We bring together initiatives and organisations. And we offer a non-stigmatizing online platform where all children can go for a wide range of things and services.”

Growing up nicely

That platform was an idea from the Schiedam children themselves. On instructions from the municipality, Kleine Ambassade did together with them what children who grow up in poverty really need. “It showed that all children have the same needs, and it’s especially nice to be able to grow up.”

All children have the same need: to grow up nicely

Renate and Hanna continue: “And this happens, among other things, by developing social contacts, playing sports or taking music lessons, but also, for example, with the help of the right assistance or by having the right things at home for school. “


Research quickly made it clear that many of these things, with and without subsidies, were already possible in Schiedam, but that there was no overview. “As a result, many families didn’t know what was possible,” say the passionate ‘Bliepers’. “Bliep has made it all clear.”

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Everyone is welcome in Bliep Winkel van Sinkel aan de Broersvest (Photo: Layla Pansier)

On the website you can find ideas and inspiration for what you may need as a child or young person and what is possible in Schiedam. Whether you’re looking for a laptop for school, or want to know where you can learn to dance or kickbox – just type it into the search box on the page and you’ll immediately see what’s possible. If there is a special scheme for families who do not have much to spend, this will also be indicated.


“The site is an important part, but Bliep goes much further than that,” emphasize Hanna and Renate, from Bliep Winkel van Sinkel at Broersvest 205. “Everyone is also welcome here to have a chat, to ask about the possibilities and, of course to browse around.

“In addition to being an online platform, Bliep is also a shop and a place where you can turn to with your questions. It is a community of volunteers, entrepreneurs, organizations and of course children and young people in Schiedam. Everyone wants to contribute, but often they don’t know how. We bring people and ideas together, and the best things come out of that.”

Everyone wants to contribute, but often they don’t know how

A good example is that a few weeks ago a Schiedammer knocked on Blip’s door with the idea of ​​organizing a Sinterklaas evening for the children in her neighborhood.

“So everyone, even if the family is financially disadvantaged, can enjoy a nice evening and not have to participate in the circle discussion at school the next day with a stomach ache. Isn’t it nice?”

Great night for all

So the idea was there, but the Schiedammer in question wasn’t sure how to realize it. “Luckily he knew he had to be with Bliep,” the ladies laugh. “We brought all relevant parties together at the table, and everything was planned in no time. It has come to the point that we have now been able to organize such a wonderful evening for all neighborhoods in Schiedam!”

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