Queen Margrethe at Christmas without children and grandchildren

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary are going to Australia with their children. It is the first time in five years that the family has visited Mary’s homeland. Joachim and Marie’s destination is unknown. According to the court, it is about ‘a long-planned trip abroad’.


Margrethe is with her sister Benedicht on Christmas Eve. Then, as expected, she goes to Marselisborg Castle in Aarhus. Since her accession to the throne in 1972, she has been there almost every year during the holidays. On the last day of the year, according to tradition, she delivers a speech from Amalienborg in Copenhagen.


In October, Margrethe decided to deprive her youngest son Joachim’s children of the title of prince and princess. Queen Margrethe of Denmark was then briefly in the center of attention due to her 50th anniversary on the throne, but this happy fact is now completely overshadowed. Family problems appear to have seriously disrupted the 82-year-old monarch’s family. What happened?

Tax money

To start with the last feat of arms: Margrethe will limit the Danish royal house to just a few main characters: Crown Prince Frederik (54), Crown Princess Mary (50) and their children. To that end, she will take the title of prince and princess from her youngest son Joachim’s (53) four children. Nikolai (23) and Felix (20) from Joachim’s first marriage to Alexandra and Henrik (13) and Athena (10) from his current marriage to Marie (46) are ‘only’ allowed to use the title Count and Countess de Monpezat from 1 .January for use. Such a move is not uncommon. Several monarchies are considering ‘exiting’ royal family members from the royal household or have already implemented this plan. One of the reasons for this is that in many countries there are voices that the monarchy costs too much tax money. Fewer members of the royal family receiving government grants or reimbursement for royal duties make it cheaper. That Margrethe deprives her grandchildren of their titles from an economic point of view is contested by, among others, Jakob Steen Olsen, royal connoisseur of the Danish newspaper Berlingske. He argues that Joachim’s children do not receive any benefits at all and therefore do not cost the taxpayers anything. Margrethe herself announced that her decision is in the best interests of her grandchildren, as she wants to give them “the opportunity to shape their own lives without being limited by their royal role.”

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Regardless of the princess’s motives, the son Joachim is furious. In the first place because the decision hit him hard. Earlier this year, he said, a construction was discussed to strip his children of their titles as soon as they turn 25. Joachim had asked for reflection time to come up with a counter-proposal. Before he could figure it out, however, he was told – according to him only five days before it became world news – that the bullet had gone through the church. “We are all sad,” he told a journalist from Ekstra Bladet. “Terrible to see your children being treated so badly. They are now in a situation that they themselves do not understand”. Joachim’s ex Alexandra was not amused either: ‘We are saddened and in shock. sky. The children feel rejected. They cannot understand why their identity is being taken away.’ Crown Princess Mary also said: ‘I understand it’s a hard decision to make and a very hard decision to hear. Change can be hard and really hurt. But that doesn’t mean it’s not the right decision. We also want look at our children’s titles when the time comes.’ Speaking of the fact that Margrethe’s decision has caused a rift in the family, she said: “It can happen with changes. We have to work on that”.

Source: ANP | Image: Bruno Press

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