Realization gymnasium in Het Onderdijks one step closer

In the heart of Het Onderdijks, the municipality will build a gymnasium in the second half of 2023. The gymnasium will be located on the site at Lange Akker next to Het Stroomdal and opposite Villa Nova, where the temporary location of Prokino Childcare and the kitchen garden is now located. The gymnasium will soon be put into use by both elementary schools. After school and in the evenings, the area can be used by local residents and sports clubs for sports and exercise. The board has determined the physical functional requirements program and draft detailed plan for the high school. This brings the realization of the gym one step closer.

Spatial functional requirements program The spatial functional requirements program contains the requirements for size and functional characteristics of the rooms in the building. The established Spatial Functional Requirements Programs form the basis for the design team, which has not yet been contracted, to design the gymnasium.

Not a standard gym

Project spokesperson Bas Wonink: “It will not be an ordinary high school. In addition to physical education, which the high school is primarily intended for, the hall also offers opportunities for new and different forms of exercise outside of school hours, which other high schools in the municipality do not offer. The starting point for the new gymnasium is a sports floor with a surface of 18 x 18 meters and an innovative exercise concept based on the Athletic Skills Model. This is a talent development model that focuses on the optimal development of motor skills by focusing on 10 basic forms of movement. For example, think about balancing and falling, walking and running, shooting and aiming.

The design of the gymnasium in Onderdijks was to facilitate the 10 basic forms of exercise. This means, among other things, that in addition to a more traditional design with ropes, climbing frames and baskets, use is made of sports and play equipment that supports other forms of movement, e.g. by applying surfaces, lines, figures, graphics and the use of projections . The choice for this training concept results in a greater variety of sports and training options.

Participation The specialized physical education teachers are closely involved in the preparation of the spatial functional requirements programme. Residents, sports providers and other interested parties could also express their wishes during a walk-in meeting last spring to be able to do exercise and sports in the new gym together with other residents. Next steps now that the spatial functional program of requirements has been established? Contracting a design team including an architect. This team will begin designing the gymnasium. The aim is for the preliminary design to be adopted by the municipal council in the spring of 2023. As soon as the preliminary design is ready, another meeting will be arranged for the district and other interested parties. Then the preliminary design is shown and the plans and process explained in more detail. Any points of attention can then be incorporated into the final design. After this, local residents will also be informed at regular intervals about progress and relevant developments.
“DThe plan is underway. However, it will take more than two years before we can practice exercise and sports in this new location. The goal is to have the new gymnasium ready for use by the end of 2024.”says Bas Wonink.

Draft detailed plan for review

In addition to the physical functional requirements programme, the municipal council also adopted the draft retail plan, a further elaboration of the regulatory plan adopted in 2013.In 2013, it had not yet been clarified exactly what the development on this site would look like, but prerequisites have already been laid down in the subdivision plan. These prerequisites are now specified in the draft detailed plan. Putting this plan into action is an important step towards completing the development of Het Onderdijks”, says Jan Peter van der Sluis, councilor for physical development.

The draft retail plan is available for review from 30 November 2022 to 11 January 2023. Objections can be submitted during this period. During this period, the draft retail plan can be viewed at the town hall and digitally at After submission for review, the municipal council will finalize the detailed plan, taking into account any views.

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