The board agrees with the basic design for the renovation of the Nieuwe Markt

Photo: Rudi Last / KampenOnline

The mayor and councilors have approved the principle design for the redevelopment of the Nieuwe Markt. The Saturday market is also permanently moved to the Nieuwe Markt. The design is based on a residential square without a parking function. The city council is working on a parking plan for the city center to maintain sufficient parking spaces.

Nieuwe Markt is an important place for the inner city experience for residents and visitors. This is also evident from the development strategy for the city centre, which was adopted at the end of 2021. Nieuwe Markt is 1 of the 5 squares in the heart of the city. The space offers the opportunity to live and meet other people. This requires a better and more beautiful design of the square.

Councilor Bas Wonink: “

From car park to residential square
The redevelopment of the Nieuwe Markt will transform the square into a lively entrance to the center of Kampen. The new square is described in principle as ‘a cozy place to stay all days of the week, with the goods market on Saturday as a recurring party. An accessible place for everyone, where spontaneous meetings are encouraged’.

The principle design has been prepared by a working group with representatives of the Saturday market, inner city contractors, Kampen Partners, Abdij1472, Stadsgehoorzaal and the municipality. Local residents’ opinions and ideas were included in the design via a sounding board group. As a result, the established principle design has broad support. Together with everyone involved from the city centre, the final design is also elaborated.

Saturday market finally to Nieuwe Markt
Due to the corona pandemic, the Saturday market had already temporarily moved from Plantage to Nieuwe Markt. The council has now decided to permanently move the Saturday market to the Nieuwe Markt. In doing so, the Commission takes into account the various wishes and needs of the market operators, such as a good integration of the market on the square.

The decision provides clarity for market operators and room to further expand the Saturday market. This is important for the future of the market and for attracting new market participants.

Chairman of the Saturday market Jacob Hoogstede: “As a Saturday market, we are happy with this decision. The market is an important tourist attraction for the center of Kampen. With the move, we can begin to expand and further strengthen the Saturday market. A butcher will be on the market from 26 November and there will also be a foreman permanently on the market from January 2023. We want to ensure that a good market is created 52 weeks a year.

By moving the Saturday market, Plantagen’s function as a catering venue can also be further strengthened. A separate process will be launched for the Monday market to strengthen the Monday market as well.

Low-traffic square for a hospitable town centre

The basic design is based on a space without a parking function. It is in line with plans for a car-free town centre, which encourages long-term parking on the outskirts of the town centre. To compensate for the parking spaces that will be lost as a result, the Municipal Board prepares a parking plan. Possibilities for additional parking capacity at the edges of the center are being investigated.

Realization of extra parking capacity is an important prerequisite before the renovation begins. The development contributes to the coalition agreement’s goal of a hospitable and accessible city centre.


Now that the basic design has been determined, preparations for the final design can begin. Here, representatives from the city centre, the Klangbund group and event organizations are involved. In addition, a parking study will be started and a parking plan for the city center will be drawn up. The renovation of the square will take place after the final design has been determined and the current parking spaces on the Nieuwe Markt have been compensated.

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