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Decent headset that is well below the price

Written by Sascha Meijer up

Nacon has introduced new Rig headsets after a long time. The new models mainly focus on specific compatibility: a separate console version is available for each model. In addition, the appearance has of course received a slight refresh.

Price: €199.99

Connection: 2.4Ghz wireless with dongle

Compatibility: PlaySation 4, PlaySation 5, Windows, Mac

RGB Features: No

Battery life: 24 hours

The new Rigs are in all price ranges and this Rig 800 Pro HS is the most expensive of them all. It is available on the Dutch market for 200 euros. In this case, HS stands specifically for the PlayStation version. This means that it is compatible with both PlayStation 4 and 5, but if you want to connect it wirelessly to, for example, your Windows or Mac PC, that’s no problem either.

The 800 Pro HS is quite pronounced in its design. Especially on and around the ear cups, everything is angular and pointed: a beautiful over-the-top look. Most of the headset is made of hard plastic. Only in the headband you will also find another material. The cables that connect the ear cups to each other are machined and protected with a strip of rubber in the frame.

The adjustment system on the 800 Pro HS is pretty much the same as on the 300 Pro HS we recently reviewed. You can easily remove the ear cups from the headband and put them back higher or lower with a click system. Unlike the 300 Pro Hs, the headband of the 800 Pro Hs has an elastic band that balances the headset on your head. The system is somewhat reminiscent of the old SteelSeries headsets, but less refined. Nevertheless, it is very nice.

However, the ear cups on this more expensive model from the new series are also a bit on the small side. The backs of your ears are guaranteed to hit the inner liner – that will be something to be reckoned with for some gamers. As for the padding, a synthetic fabric has been chosen on the outside that is easy to keep clean, while fortunately a breathable, sports-like fabric has been chosen for the inside of the ear cups. The headset therefore remains comfortable for quite a long time.

The 800 Pro HS is a completely wireless headset. This means that it comes with a USB-A dongle that can be plugged into both the relevant console and the docking station. It’s a fun system that we haven’t seen before. It doesn’t work as smoothly as the docking station from, for example, SteelSeries, which connects to two sources, but it is well thought out.

The docking station can also act as a storage and charging point for the headset. Once the dongle is inserted into the station, you can connect the station to, for example, PlayStation or Xbox (depending on which version of the headset you have) using a supplied cable, and simply take the headset out of the station as soon as you want to play. The only downside is that the headset only charges when your console or PC is on. Charging the headset with the supplied cable without a docking station is also an option, but then you have to disconnect it first. There are also few extras on the headset and the number of buttons on the housing is therefore limited. On the left ear cup you will find an on/off button, a volume button and a button that controls the volume of the side tone. This means the headset can be seamlessly controlled with anything it connects to.

What is immediately noticeable when listening to music is that the low-frequency information – and especially the lower frequencies – is considerably exaggerated. That, along with the sharp highs and defined mids, works absolutely fantastic with electronic music. It all feels so grand and driving while still taking in the details of the song. With acoustic recordings, these characteristics are much less appropriate. In softer (indie) pop and rock productions, the bass drums pop out unnaturally and the whole thing no longer feels balanced. In fuller passages, the whole sometimes sounds squished: as if too much musical information is fighting for your attention at the same time.

It’s a shame, but when it comes to the localization and width of the stereo image, the 800 Pro HS is convincing. There is a lot of openness and spaciousness to hear, and this often ensures that you are simply swept away in the story of a song. Details in the recording also come out nicely this way. It is often only the overwhelming kick that draws your attention away from what really matters. Too bad, because otherwise this would have been a really good headset for listening to all kinds of music.


In game, the heavily present low-frequency information is less of a problem. In fact, it’s often quite a compelling addition. Explosions sound extremely big and over-the-top, and cutscenes really take on a cinematic feel. During fast gameplay, it can be a bit disappointing: if every bullet that comes out of a machine gun has a lot of substrate, it simply gets tired. If you prefer to play quieter open world games where the environment tells the story, then the headset is much better at home.

That’s not to say that you can’t play shooters at all with the 800 Pro HS. Mid-high and top-high are, as was also noticeable when listening to different types of music, fine. Especially the definition in medium high is positive. This ensures that action-packed actions feel very direct in the game, and it certainly adds to the sense of immersion.

However, there is one very big caveat to all of the aforementioned: the price. This headset costs 200 euros on the Dutch market, and that price is never really justified at any point. There is no abundance of extra options such as surround sound, built-in equalizer profiles, RGB lighting or other tricks. There is only one connection option, which is the wireless dongle – no bluetooth or option to connect a cable.

The sound is okay, but for 200 euros you can expect more. That makes the 800 Pro HS a fairly straightforward wireless headset, with the hard plastic on the outside of the ear cups also feeling too light to be truly premium. There are headsets that cost a lot less and offer more in terms of build quality and extra options.

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