DOGE Rate Expectation after Trump’s return to Twitter

Dogecoin’s price has fallen by 10.4% in the past 24 hours following the news that Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States, has gotten his Twitter account back. Even so, the meme coin is still up 20.8% from a week ago and 7.7% from a month ago. Trump’s return raises hopes of integrating payments via Dogecoin.

Does this make Dogecoin a bad investment or is it the best crypto for the future?

In the medium term, Dogecoin is in the green. This is due to Musk’s acquisition of Twitter for about 44 billion dollars. Previous proposals by Musk to integrate Dogecoin as a means of payment have caused a rally in the coin. However, this rally has lost all its momentum due to FTX’s bankruptcy and the market drama that followed.

Dogecoin Price Expectation Now Donald Trump Returns To Twitter – Soon DOGE Integration?

Donald Trump hasn’t done anything with his account, other than update his bio, since he got it back.

The former president’s return is the result of a poll by Elon Musk, who had his followers and probably many bots vote for Donald Trump’s return to the platform. This vote was positive for the president, and Musk then suggested that Trump would actually get his account back.

While Trump has never personally spoken out about Dogecoin, the most important thing about this vote is that Musk is actually taking action based on the results of a vote.

As many fans of Elon Musk and DOGE already know, there have also been votes on DOGE payments in the past. In fact, Musk has already made comments about paying the verified blue ticks through the altcoin. This was back in April, before the takeover of Twitter.

Of course, a skeptic could easily say that Musk’s tweets are nothing more than “thinking out loud” and that the outcome is anything but guaranteed.

Still, it’s worth taking seriously, as Musk is a well-known investor in Dogecoin. Among other things, he has already introduced payments in DOGE for a number of Tesla merchandise in January. Assuming that it will be one of the adjustments that Musk will also implement at Twitter, then a plan still needs to be made.

It is also important to know that Musk has prepared a large list of improvements and new tools, so it is impossible to assess whether the Dogecoin payments are also on this list, and if so, with what priority.

Dogecoin Moving Average
Source: TradingView

As a result, it is possible that Dogecoin has some barriers in the short term that could cause the coin to fall, including due to the current market conditions resulting from the FTX crash.

The relative strength index (purple) has been rising recently, which means there is an increase in momentum. The 30-day moving average (red) which is above the 200-day moving average (blue) also shows this signal.

Following these signals, DOGE may start rising in the near future. After this rise, the price may as well fall as long as the FTX crash still has an effect on the market.

For a bigger rally, Twitter would have to make a big announcement, say accepting DOGE payments. However, it may take some time, perhaps months or even years, to develop.

Other Altcoins for Rapid Rise

Until the DOGE payments are integrated into the platform, investors can look at other options, such as coins that are already in pre-sale before the coin is listed on an exchange. These pre-sale cryptos can be bought this way before the general public first hears about the coin.

While the entire 2022 market has been mostly a disappointment, there are a number of coins that have risen tremendously after coming to the public’s attention. The investors who bought these coins in the presale made profits of up to 1800% in a short time, for example with Tamadoge (TAMA).

Below we have highlighted the three best pre-sales.

Dash 2 Trade (D2T)

Dash 2 Trade is a platform based on the Ethereum blockchain. The platform offers users a wide range of tools to make better investment decisions. These are, for example, backtesting tools, but also tools with which information about social sentiment or about presales can be seen.

The native token for this platform is D2T. This presale was recently opened and will be launched in the first months of 2023. The D2T token has already raised more than €7.3 million in presale and is currently at 84% of its third phase. In the next phase, the token becomes more expensive. Currently, 1 D2T still costs 0.0513 USDT.

See the Dash 2 Trade presale here

Robot Era (TARO)

RobotEra (TARO) is a Metaverse game and will launch its alpha version in the first quarter of 2023. Within this Ethereum-based game, players can be a robot and in this way participate in the creation of a virtual world. In this world, they can create pieces of land, buildings and other things. These goods are represented by an NFT and are therefore effectively owned.

Currently 1 TARO costs 0.020 USDT. The coin can be purchased via USDT or ETH. In the next phase, 1 TARO will cost 0.025 USDT. This will be the second phase. If you sign up at this point, you are already responding to the upcoming trend in Metaverse in the first phase.

See the RobotEra presale here

Calvary (RIA)

Calvaria is a blockchain game where you fight against other players in the game with a deck of battle cards. These battles are part strategy and part card quality. The best battle cards can be bought in the game’s marketplace, where you pay with RIA token. This is the platform’s native token.

When you win, you receive a reward in the form of RIA tokens. This can then be used to buy battle cards to improve the deck and win more battles. These battle cards are represented by NFTs. As a result, the cards are actually owned by the user.

In addition, the token can be used to bet. In this way, the users also get a voice in the game’s decision-making body. In this way, they can shape the future of the game.

The game is both paid and free to play and can be played on both iOS and Android. Currently, one RIA token costs 0.03 USDT each.

See the pre-sale of Calvaria here

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