Sandbox and Decentraland investors switch to RobotEra

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Sandbox and Decentraland have done incredibly well in 2021. They shaped the GameFi industry while it was still new and had a market cap of €5 and €10 billion at their peak.

And yet, despite institutional investors getting into this trend in 2021, both metaverse games have struggled over the past 12 months.

According to DappRadar, the two games combined have only had 20,000 users in the last month and have even been called “empty metaverses” by critics.

It looks like the void left by the two games will soon be filled by a new pre-sale crypto game.

RobotEra is our top pick for new crypto games and offers investors multiple ways to play as well as earn active and passive income.

See the RobotEra presale here

What is RobotEra?

RobotEra is a new pre-sale crypto project that combines gaming to make money with metaverse world building and NFT ownership.

Players of the game must rebuild the destroyed planet Taro. Players do this by emulating robot characters who farm land in the metaverse, increasing its value.

Robot era

RobotEra players can get their hands on both active and passive income via the native token TARO. This can be done in several ways. For example, they can participate in quests, participate in community events and concerts, grow sacred trees, mine and strike. This is only a small part of the possibilities.

No coding knowledge is required to play this new crypto game. The planet Taro can be built with building tools that are included in the game and are very easy to use. Players can not only create infrastructure, but also add 3D scenes, sounds and other user interaction.

The developers of RobotEra believe that the opportunities to earn TARO tokens in the game will increase as players build and shape the game.

For example, players can request admission tickets for admission to events, concerts and museums. Additionally, they can sell ad space to advertisers, and they can sell things they’ve built as NFTs, for example.

NFT lands in RobotEra

Robot characters allow players to explore and search for rewards. In addition, they enable players to cultivate land and thus find resources. Land can also be improved to become more valuable and sold at a profit.

Players who stake TARO tokens also gain influence in the DAO body, the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). In this way, they influence the development of the game in the future.

A future development that is currently in the pipeline is the creation of a virtual and augmented reality functionality. This will be launched in the first half of 2023.

See the pre-sale of TARO here

TARO Presale Info

RobotEra’s pre-sale launched in mid-November. Still, this new crypto has already raised over $250,000 in funds from investors at a pre-sale price.

Like all other crypto pre-sales, TARO is currently offering tokens at a lower price to attract investors to the platform.

Currently, the TARO token is pre-sale and is in the first phase. One token costs €0.02, but this will increase to €0.025 in the second phase. It is therefore already an increase of 25% compared to the current phase. In the third phase, it will even be a 60% increase when the token costs $0.032.

Roadmap Robot Era

Only 15% of the total amount of TARO will be sold during the pre-sale. This is about 270 million of the 1.8 billion tokens. Each phase will sell 90 million tokens. This will give € 6.9 million. The tokens are released immediately after the pre-sale.

RobotEra, an LBank Labs project, will release 3% of the remaining tokens for the token’s IEO.

In addition, the DAO gets 33% of the remaining tokens, the P2E prize pool 25%, the ECO fund gets about 9%, the team behind the game 10%, advisors 3% and Lbank 2%.

The team behind RobotEra has been verified on Know Your Customer by CoinSniper and the TARO token, and the smart contract structure has been audited by SharkTeam.

See the RobotEra presale here

How do I buy TARO during pre-sale?

To purchase RobotEra’s native token TARO, investors can go to RobotEra’s website to purchase the token. In addition, information can also be found in the RobotEra Telegram group.

See the RobotEra presale here

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