ITDS supports Corona Direct with the implementation of Axon

With an eye to the future, the insurance company Corona Direct decided a few years ago to switch to a new management system for all policies. The choice of a system was quickly made (Axon from Keylane) and ITDS Business Consultants was asked for help with the implementation.

The background to the case was crystal clear: The old platform, where the Belgian insurance company managed all policies, was outdated and, moreover, no longer flexible. The choice to switch to a new future-proof system was therefore obvious.

Kasper Belmans, Application Owner at Corona Direct: “We wanted a standard package where you can easily make adjustments and which also requires little maintenance. Keylane Axon is a package that provides this. Changes in our products or in the market can be implemented quickly. In addition, Keylane ensures that everything is in order in terms of legislation.”

To ensure that the migration to the new platform went smoothly, consultants from ITDS Business Consultants were called in to help. The Dutch consulting company (which is part of the Belgian House of HR) took care of the implementation from A to Z.

Karlijn Damkot, Senior Business Consultant at ITDS, was part of the team that started this challenge in the middle of the Covid era. “Together with the team, we were responsible for the product design from start to finish. Our approach consisted of several phases: gathering the business requirements, writing functional designs, translating that into a technical design and the final design work.”

Online collaboration

During the product configuration process, good collaboration between team members is very important. Fortunately, it was good in the team. Belmans: “It was nice that we took on this challenge with a relatively young team. So we have worked together a lot. By continuously reviewing each other’s work and sparring with each other, we were able to quickly find the right solutions.”

Damkot: “We all worked from home and therefore only spoke together online. Nevertheless, we were very close with the team. We called each other daily and at one point even worked online with the camera on. Then it felt a bit like we were in the office. Therefore, we also knew exactly what was going on. It was an intensive project, but we can be proud of what we have delivered!”

Kasper Belmans, Karlijn Damkot, Rebecca Flach

Smooth transition

After a year and a half, a new group of ITDS people took over the work at Corona Direct. Belmans: “And then came the moment when Karlijn and her ITDS colleagues took on a new challenge on another task. They ensured a smooth transition and were always available for any questions. The advantage of ITDS is that many colleagues understand Axon. There is always someone who can help.”

With extensive training and knowledge transfer under her belt, Rebecca Flach, Associate Business Consultant at ITDS, was ready to continue working at Corona Direct at the end of last year. “Of course, I was not yet as experienced as Karlijn, but I noticed that I quickly developed in my role. This was partly due to the trust from my colleagues from Corona Direct and the continuous sharing of knowledge.”

“We did the configuration together for the last two insurance products. From functional design, to technical design and the whole testing process. In October we put the last insurances online and I said goodbye to my colleagues at Corona Direct.”

The next step

ITDS has now transferred its work to Corona Direct and the internal employees are ready to work independently. Belmans: “In collaboration with ITDS, we have given a total of seven insurance products a new look. We continue with a smaller team of only internal employees, to further digitize, optimize and automate processes. But together with ITDS and Keylane, we have already laid a very nice foundation.”

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