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Cobra T-Rail hybrid irons

It remains an interesting phenomenon: golfers choosing to look ahead to performance. Although club X comes out better than the club in terms of performance, club Y looks slightly better and therefore ends up in the player’s bag (disclaimer: the compiler of this overview is also guilty). The new Cobra T-Rail Hybrid irons fit perfectly into this category. These are clubs that can help many lower handicap golfers, but you still see them remarkably little on the golf course (another good example is the Launcher XL Halo irons from Cleveland that we once tested). With a large concave club head, they are more like a hybrid – making golf much easier as you get the ball in the air more easily.

The T-rails under these ‘irons’ – which are perpendicular to the club face, see main photo – ensure that the club does not dig into the fairway and slides more easily through the rough. In other words, if you have a knack for hitting the ground before you hit the ball, these irons, third generation T-Rail clubs, are for you. For men, the set consists of 6 clubs: 5 hybrid and 6 for PW. The clubs are equipped with light shafts as standard. The women’s set consists of a 6-hybrid and 7 for SW.


Mizuno RB Tour golf balls

Mizuno has of course become famous with irons, but the brand has also marketed golf balls for some time. In 2020 Mizuno launched a line of balls for the first time worldwide, in 2023 an improved version of the RB Tour and RB TourX will be released.

During three years of research, 99 prototypes were used to arrive at a completely new design. This ‘Axiaflow’ design with 272 grooves ensures that the ball spins less with the driver and more with the short clubs. Compared to the standard version, the RB Tour X has a slightly higher compression and provides slightly more spin and a higher trajectory.

€55 (available from early 2023)

Galvin Green Cool Collection

To give the fairways a little more color, Galvin Green comes with the ‘Cool Collection’. The premium clothing line consists of items (waterproof windbreaker, zip-up sweatshirts, breathable polos) for fall/winter with refreshing colors and patterns.

Also for autumn and winter: the new rainwear from Galvin Green. The Swedish brand has been using Gore-Tex membrane in rainwear for thirty years. The exclusive line for this year consists of 32(!) jacket and trouser combinations for men and 16 for women.

From €89

Cleveland HB Soft Milled putters

“The HB SOFT Milled line of putters delivers milled precision at a remarkably competitive price,” is how Joe Miller describes Cleveland Golf’s new line of putters. A slightly ‘milled’ putter can easily cost more than 400 euros, but these putters from Cleveland are well below that. This is because a lot of material and therefore costs are saved with the production technique. Each putter head is cast, but the blade and back are milled for better looks and performance. In terms of technology, we see many things that were already seen in the previous generation of this line: HB Soft Premier.

€249 (steel)
€ 299 (UST shaft)

Look for the material in this section in your local golf shop at the golf course or at JumboGolf.com.

In the bag with: Nelly Korda

Nelly Korda won four times on the LPGA Tour this year. Time to take a look in the bag of the 24-year-old American number 1 in the world. Perhaps the most striking thing about Korda’s bag is the driver. She has the TSi1 in her bag, a model usually more suited to golfers with a slower swing speed. But with an average of 246 yards (#10 in driving distance on the LPGA), she is anything but short. Proof that ‘custom fitting’ is useful and that you should follow the numbers. In addition to a 3-wood, like many other top players, she also has a 7-wood with more loft to allow long drives to land quickly on the green.

driver: Titleist TSi1 (10 degrees) – Shaft: Graphite Design Tour AD IZ 6 S
Tree 3:
Titleist TSi2 (16.5 degrees) – Shaft: Fujikura Ventus Red 70 S shaft
Tree 7: Titleist TSi2 (21 degrees) – Shaft: Mitsubishi Tensei AV Raw Blue 75 S shaft
Hiring: Ping G425 (26 degrees) – Shaft: Fujikura Ventus Blue HB 7 S shaft
iron: Titleist T100 (5-PW) – Shaft: Aerotech Steelfiber i80cw shafts
wedge: Titleist Vokey SM8 (50°-08F, 54°-10S, 58°-08M) – Shafts: Aerotech Steelfiber i95cw
Goldfinch: Scotty Cameron Special Select Squareback 2
Ball: Titleist Pro V1

Material question of the month

“I am a beginner golfer, just hit my handicap. So far I play with a used set from Marktplaats. I now want to buy a new set and am in doubt between Cobra Fly XL and SkyMax Ice IX 5.’ – Henk Nieboer via sietse@golf.nl

It is impossible to recommend a set (or in this case choose between two sets) without knowing more about the golfer or golf star in question. Here, too, the motto is: make a club adaptation. This can be done at the golf professional who teaches, at the golf shop or at a specialist club fitter. Think of the fitting as a golf lesson where you learn what you are doing in your golf swing and which clubs are best for it. For example, do you hit high or low? What about the amount of spin? You may need longer or shorter clubs. Is your swing speed getting the most out of a club with a steel or graphite shaft? Do you need a standard grip or maybe one size up (intermediate size). If you know all this, then as a beginner golfer you can easily buy a set ‘off the shelf’, and it doesn’t matter whether you go for Cobra or SkyMax in this case. Yes, a club mount costs money, but it saves you a bad buy and you learn a lot from it (if it’s good).

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