BEA World: Obsession and Live Legends win gold and silver with product launch for Damen Yachting

The Best Event Awards World (BEA World) has traditionally been the moment when the Netherlands shows the rest of the world that only one country is at the forefront when it comes to live communication, experiential marketing and events within the marcom mix. If not this year. The number of awards going to the Netherlands, with 1 gold and 3 silver, is many times less than in recent years. Pleasant exception: Damen Yachting won gold and silver.

Damen Yachting hired Obsession and Live Legends for a unique online product launch. Damen thus won the Product/Service launch event category and came second in the Digital event category.

On March 31, 2022, the new Amels 80 was unveiled with a global launch unlike any other. The 80 meter long superyacht was presented to three different audiences during the digital world premiere.

We have designed unique program courses to respond to the three different target groups. This enabled us to manage our resources sustainably. We started in an intimate environment where prospects were welcome to sit down with the designers and MD Rose Damen. A bespoke platform allowed guests to interact and witness the yacht design process.

Subsequently, the yacht industry and relevant press met simultaneously and experienced the story of Amels 80 in a dynamic online show. Using a 1-10 scale model, stage art and custom music, we were able to combine storytelling and the design of the container. After a dazzling show, the designers and Rose Damen came forward to explain the design of the pedigree. The 5381 square meter screen was used to support their story. The last chapter of the event was the press conference. Members of the press could download a press kit and immediately distribute Amels’ brand new content.

The other Dutch award winners of BEA World 2022:

SILVER: Aviko’s Christmas kitchen

  • Category: Digital transformation
  • Client: Backbone Marketing (commissioned by Aviko)
  • Desk: We Are Live

Every year Aviko organizes Christmas cooking workshops for customers. Due to COVID-19 these had to be organized online. With TV-worthy production value, we massively increased the number of participants. The event was set up to create a maximum brand experience around the Aviko brand. With a well-known chef and a well-known TV host associated with the brand, a very accessible, intimate interactive cooking instruction is given in 2.5 hours. The goal for the participant is to learn how to make and test the perfect Christmas dinner.

It’s a crossover between a cooking class, a cooking TV magazine and community experience. The concept is the culmination of a customer journey that runs from registration, various contact points, to the digital arrangement that ends in a test dinner.

Important USPs:
– Customer journey of one month, with anticipation leading up to the event
– two events on separate dates to give consumers choice of date
– carefully scripted program and well-tested recipes
– High (TV) broadcast quality
– Interactivity on the platform (Q&A, chat, 1-to-1 conversation with the boss)
– Live video connections with a select group of VIPs
– High interaction on social media


  • Category: Event service
  • Company: MTD

Delivering a centralized turnkey drinking and waste water infrastructure enabling 150,000 visitors daily at the 4-day festival, MDLBeast Soundstorm.

Held from 16 to 19 December 2021 at a remote desert location in Riyadh, KSA, the festival started with an empty lot and no water connections. The standard in the Middle East is that toilet containers have septic tanks under them and tankers drive around to empty them. The client, MDLBeast, did not want the smelly tankers driving across the property and through the public. Production Glue, the production company and our client, asked MTD to create a centralized water infrastructure with water supply from two water buffer zones outside the public space. The innovation was that MTD designed a welded temporary water canopy of 65,000 m with two central drinking and wastewater buffer installations of 5,000,000 million liters. MTD also implemented an innovative service app to monitor water quality, supply and tanker discharge.

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