‘Children feel comfortable with me’

On Monday, December 5, Aylin Güzel (26) opens the Tweetaal speech education practice on Deldensestraat. Aylin treats articulation and language disorders in children and adults and specializes in bilingualism in children. “The waiting lists for speech therapy treatments are long in Almelo,” she says. “A good challenge for me.”

“I think that it is a necessity of life to be able to express oneself well”, explains Aylin. “When you can say what you want, think and think, you can hold your own in society. For a fun and successful school year and for a later career, it is also important that children can express themselves well verbally. I put my heart and soul into this every day.”

Thankful work

Although adults are also welcome at Tweetaal, Aylin’s heart lies with children ”I have a great affinity for treating children in the area of ​​language and speech. Coming up with challenging activities again and again gives me satisfaction,” she says. “I also enjoy coaching parents on how to deal with their child’s delayed speech and language development. So in addition to fun, I also have rewarding work.”

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Aylin in her practice Photo: Speech therapy practice Tweetaal

Good with children

“Many people said to me: You are so good with children, you should do something with them,” says Aylin. “I decided to study speech therapy at the Hogeschool in Zwolle and did an internship in special education for children with learning difficulties and deaf and hard of hearing children with speech and language development problems. During my education, I took a minor in multilingualism at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.”

Took the step

After her studies, Aylin worked at a speech therapy practice in Almelo and Enschede. “I learned a lot there,” she says. “Still, I always knew that one day I wanted to start for myself. My parents have their own company, so entrepreneurship was born for me. Of course it’s exciting to take the plunge, but I knew I could do it.”

Different treatments

Tweetaal is not only there for problems with the language development of bilinguals, but also for children who have difficulty with articulation and for children whose learning to read and write is more difficult. Aylin also treats developmental language disorders (TOS). “With TOS, children have difficulty with vocabulary, sentence structure and word-finding (finding words).”

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Photo: Speech therapy practice Tweetaal

Every child is unique

During the recording, Aylin asks parents questions and does various tests with the child. “Once I’ve determined what the request for help and the problem is, I create a treatment plan in consultation with the parents,” she says. “It is different for each child, because each child is unique. Then I see a child in practice once or twice a week. Sometimes also with the parents. When I can teach parents to practice with their child at home, it ensures faster and better results.”

Involve parents

“Then I see a child in practice once or twice a week,” continues Aylin. “I like it when parents are present during the treatment. Then I can show you how I practice and explain why. The more parents are involved, the better the results. I also speak Dutch and Turkish, so I can offer examinations and treatments in both languages.”

Collaboration on goals

Aylin works with children and their parents on the goals they set at the start of treatment. “The fact that we’re really doing it together makes the whole process extra special,” she says. “Especially when you feel that a child is improving and that parents have been able to contribute to that progress. If a child also leaves my practice room smiling after each treatment, I am very happy. It should be fun to come here.”

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Photo: Speech therapy practice Tweetaal

To crawl into the child’s world of experience

Aylin treats children from the age of two. “No matter how old they are, kids feel comfortable with me,” she says. “Probably because I enter their world of experience. I read aloud, sing songs and play with them. I have a mini supermarket with fruit and vegetables and a kitchenette in practice. Fun and very useful when you want to work on expanding someone’s vocabulary.”

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Do you want to register yourself or your child for treatment at Speech therapy practice Tweetaal? Then you can fill in the registration form via the website. You can always call Aylin on 06 29 77 03 14. A referral from your general practitioner is not necessary. Good to know: The costs of speech therapy treatment are reimbursed by the health insurance. There is currently no waiting list.

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