Your relationship is ending, what should you consider?

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Pijnacker-Nootdorp – “What are the consequences of our divorce, can I continue to live in the house, how will I stand financially”, these are the questions that immediately arise when your relationship ends. And you want a quick answer to that. But what you also want to know is what else is coming to you in this uncertain, often emotional time. So it is nice if your financial advisor knows more than just the financial consequences. And that is exactly what you can turn to financial planners Jeroen van Geest and Ted van Eijk for. Many people initially look for a lawyer, but an exploratory meeting with a financial advisor, especially one who specializes in divorce, is a better first step.

Jeroen van Geest and Ted van Eijk gained this knowledge during the decades they worked as financial advisors and mortgage advisors. Divorces just require a little extra empathy and knowledge. Jeroen and Ted have joined forces and both live in Delfgauw and work in Pijnacker, Nootdorp, Delfgauw and Delft.

You want to go out together

You can really ask them anything you want to know, because in addition to financial advice, they specialize in everything that comes with a divorce or ending a partnership. “I would like to emphasize that we advise if the two partners intend to reach an agreement. Then we can mean a lot to both partners,” explains Jeroen van Geest.

What is involved?
Ted van Eijk adds: “Most people do not have the financial background that we have, or the extensive knowledge and experience that we have now acquired together. In addition to the mortgage, there is much more to consider. Can the agreement e.g. enforced? It contains a whole list of agreements, but how does it work in practice? Can you continue to live in that house, what about the estate, alimony, parenting arrangements, pension provisions, tax implications, everything will be discussed. We also advise on areas that customers have not yet thought of.”

Your advisor
What’s so nice about these two advisers specializing in divorce is that you get to deal with one point of contact, you don’t have to look for all sorts of different advisers in different areas. It gives a lot of peace in a time full of emotions. You get practical, clear advice that you can use. Someone who thinks along quickly gives certainty and you need that. This ensures that the (former) business partners can better decide together what the best solutions are. Underpinned by a plan, and not just based on feelings and emotions.

Breaking up takes time. When children are involved, you always remain parents together. With that in mind, it is nice if an adviser guides you together on all topics that are discussed. Jeroen and Ted come to your home for an exploratory meeting. Then you get to know each other, and that is an added value in this situation. Together you will find a solution that works for you.

Jeroen and Ted, financial planners from Delfgauw
As Financial Planners, Jeroen van Geest and Ted van Eijk have been active as advisors in the financial sector for decades. They both live in Delfgauw and are well known in the region of Pijnacker, Delfgauw and Delft. They specialize in mortgage advice for individuals and entrepreneurs and have extensive experience with complex financial issues. In addition, Jeroen is active as a divorce counsellor. If you are looking for a financial adviser and would like to exchange ideas about a specific situation without obligation, do not hesitate to contact them.

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