Groenlo excited about the first Maliebaan sketch plan


GROENLO – Last Wednesday there was great interest in the presentation of the first sketch plan regarding the renovation of Maliebaan, including the music dome. As you know, a working group of five people, under the supervision of the municipality of Oost Gelre, has been involved in the past year, especially in searching for new, refreshing opportunities for this unique part of Groenlo. This resulted in a sketch plan chosen from among three designs, which was presented to the many interested participants at SCC De Mattelier.

By Theo Huijskes

In addition, it was Erik Schuurmans who, as spokesman on behalf of the working group (also consisting of Jos van de Mosselaar, Ruben Tank and Joris Huurneman on behalf of Belangenvereniging Groenlo and Peter Ballast on behalf of Oost Gelre municipality), repeated that the set-up’ one had been to do much more justice to this unique part of Groenlo, whereby the tourist aspect must also have extra attention. “This is also the reason for involving the inhabitants of Groenlo in this wonderful project from the beginning, even if it is just to stimulate the thought process that goes hand in hand with presenting ideas that are popular among the population. Furthermore, as a working group, in addition to organizing an investigation, we have involved the neighboring residents in the planning process in order to create the widest possible support. This has led to the current plan, which we can hopefully present as soon as possible to the Municipal Board and East Gelderland City Council”, says Schuurmans.

Preserve the contours of the fortified city of Grol
Then it was garden and landscape architect Guido Baten from ‘Buro design & environmental advisors for residential environment’ in Arnhem, who gave those present a clear insight into the designs agreed with the working group and the subsequently chosen sketch plan. Baten indicated that Grønlo’s cultural history has been central from the beginning and not only with regard to the fortress, the bastion and the moat. “It requires a holistic approach, based on the fact that the contours of the fortified city of Grol must be preserved in all respects, whereby small and large events such as the Grolsemessen and De Slag om have also been organised. are taken into account in the new layout.Grolle. But at the same time, the goal is that a more than unique place like Maliebaan is not used for anything a few days a year, but 365 days a year!”

Traffic and parking and security facilities
In addition to improving traffic and parking facilities, the present plan also pays attention to safety measures. As far as the first aspect is concerned, Wheme is closed towards the elementary school ‘t Carillon, with extra attention to pedestrian and bicycle connections. In addition, car traffic from Nieuwestraat towards Maliebaan will have a one-way function towards Laantje van Lasonder. As far as the parking facility is concerned, space will be created for a total of approximately 26 cars, including four motorhome spaces. In the context of biodiversity, a flower-rich mixture will also be provided in the form of a flower and picking garden. High priority is given to the aspect of peace and security. As a result of noise and other nuisances experienced in recent years, additional measures are being taken to prevent this as much as possible in the future. For this purpose, a lighting plan will be drawn up and additional surveillance cameras will be set up so that perpetrators of vandalism and nuisance can be dealt with.

The preliminary design for the reconstruction of the Maliebaan is available for inspection at the town hall in Lichtenvoorde. The public can comment on this in the coming weeks.

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