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In the third season of Videoland Original ‘Prince Charming’, 30-year-old Diego goes in search of his true love under the watchful eye of the Greek gods. ‘Prince Charming’ can be seen weekly on Videoland from 15 December. We are looking forward to it, the men too. Do you want to know who they are?

Meet the twelve men here hoping Eros hits the mark!

Prince Charming season 3

Diego is looking for the man of his dreams, and the 12 candidates hope that Diego is the man of their dreams.

Bart (27)

Bart is the cheerful nut of the group. He likes the good life, is creative and doesn’t like to sit still. No wonder he is often in the gym to get rid of his balls. Bart is loyal and always there for his friends, something he also finds important in a romantic relationship. Know-it-all types, he doesn’t like that.

Cyran (32)

Cyrano lives in Almere and works as a store manager in a sneaker store. He is therefore a real sneakerhead, with more than 200 pairs of sneakers in his house, a collection that is updated monthly. Cyrano falls in love quickly, but that does not make him less picky: being late, wearing dirty shoes and being arrogant are revelations to him.

David (35)

Davin is a hard worker and aims to be financially free. He recently bought his first house in Amsterdam, so he’s already working hard. He is multilingual, loves to travel and has a fondness for Japan. Davin likes open communication and is also looking for this in a partner, good communication is most important to him.

Edo (32)

Edo is gentle and always has everyone’s best interests at heart, but is also not afraid to stand his ground. He is a huge animal lover and his French bulldog/pug mix is ​​currently his great love. In addition, singing, music and the Christian faith are very important to him. In a relationship, he finds intelligence, humor and care important.

Gursay (25)

Gürsay is very honest, likes humor and is direct – especially in business matters, but also in his private life. Gürsay was brought up with the idea that you have to work for your money, and he does that with no less than three of his own companies. When time allows, he enjoys traveling and holidaying in Ibiza. His ideal partner is someone who knows where he stands in this society.

Joep (31)

Joep is a real family man and is very proactive. He likes to take the initiative to bring friends or family together by organizing something fun. He is very musical and plays saxophone, clarinet and piano. He also likes to design and sketch. His ideal man has beautiful expressive eyes, but he finds it more important that someone is not too busy with himself.

joey (31)

Joey is socially involved. Politics and sustainability keep him busy: he likes to contribute to a better society. When he moved from his village to the big city of Rotterdam, he blossomed completely. In addition to city life, he also loves nature, which gives him peace. Joey’s ideal partner is someone with a powerful presence, someone who is not a gray mouse.

Jordan (25)

For Jordie from Utrecht, sociability, his social life and close circle of friends are number one. He can be temperamental, but also likes peace and quiet. Jordie is characterized by humor and creativity. In his spare time he likes to play games and paint. In a partner, he is looking for someone who can counteract him and who will make a party of life with him.

Leroy (31)

Leroy runs his own online marketing agency. If you say social media, you say Leroy. He is enthusiastic, cheerful and always creates a pleasant atmosphere. Leroy follows his intuition, is ambitious and can be quite spicy. His potential prince must be able to offer little resistance to that.

Nick (25)

Nick is of the Brabant sociability, he is a real mood creator and almost always in a good mood. He does not shy away from a discussion and likes to convince others of his opinion, but is also open to others’. His dream man has a full head of hair and naturally must smell good. But even more important, he thinks, is social engagement.

Rajeen (33)

Rajeen is sociable, fun-loving and outgoing not only in personality but also in style. He has lived a lot abroad and is therefore open to life. Depth is very important to him, both with friends and with a partner. He prefers to sit on the couch with a book or a good documentary in the evening, and if he throws a party now and then, it never gets too wild.

Theo (34)

Theo has an infectious laugh, a lot of discipline and can sometimes be stubborn: if he wants something, it happens. He’s a really healthy boy who does a lot of sports and eats healthy, but sometimes his nerdy side comes out and he enjoys playing games or catching Pokémon. In his free time, he likes to go on adventure trips, such as indoor skydiving or kitesurfing. Theo has everything under control and is happy with life. The only thing he lacks is a lovely partner.

Can be seen from 15 December! ON A!

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