Metacade (MCADE) could be the biggest crypto winner in 2023

The crypto market has endured a painful bear market over the past year with losses due to the macroeconomic outlook. An improving market for the US dollar and government bonds took the wind out of risky assets. The cryptocurrency market will recover, but not all coins will see a strong revival. Investors choosing to invest in crypto or play-to-earn need to understand the dynamics of the community and the utility of capitalizing on the next bull market. A new NFT project that incorporates these key drivers is Metacade (MCADE).

What is Metacademy?

Metacade is a new project that aims to be the go-to hub for developers and players in the play-to-earn sector. The vision for the project is to create a fun, dynamic metaverse hangout for like-minded people to embrace GameFi and experience and web3 culture. Metacade will build the world’s first community-developed play-to-earn (P2E) crypto arcade. For investors, the platform will combine two of crypto’s most important sectors in the coming years: play-to-earn gaming and the metaverse.

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Those who want to invest in crypto can now participate during the presale of this coin. The MCADE token can be used to support the community and earn a return from project revenue. The coin will also have in-game rewards such as access to merchandise and exclusive play-to-earn tournaments. The traders who invest in crypto have tied themselves to outdated projects with a slow community and this will be punished when the next bull market breaks through. On the other hand, the metaverse project Metacade can bring together investors with entrepreneurs, developers and crypto-enthusiasts who want to share their interests, skills and talents for a common cause.

Why should you invest in crypto and games to make money?

Gaming is no longer a niche, but a billion dollar business with annual revenues of $197 billion. The crypto industry got a glimpse of the revenue potential of the gaming sector with the rapid rise of Axie Infinity. The game to make money saw the price of its coin rise from just a few cents to $160 and had 2.7 million daily users at its peak. A game created by an Asian design house even caused problems in the Philippine labor market as players quit their day jobs to chase the NFTs and coin rewards in Axie.

This appears from a recent report 1.4 million wallets interacted with games daily, which is almost 50% of blockchain usage. Gaming NFTs also accounted for 20% of all NFT sales in 2021 at $4.5 billion. These numbers could be boosted during another bull market, but they also happened before the metaverse and the additional users that will be drawn to the crypto market.

Why should you invest in crypto and Metacade?

Metacade takes on the two hottest sectors of the crypto market and brings a disruptive idea in the form of a metaverse arcade. To the new idea is added a project that is managed and developed by the community. The play-to-earn sector has shown the potential to investors with the explosion of Axie Infinity, and players at the time reported that the gameplay was not even good, but offered great earning potential. Metacade will bring more titles created by players and tested by players to encourage play. The crypto market has been brutal lately, but if investors want to stay in the box and invest in Bitcoin and wait for a price of $100k or $500k, they will be very disappointed with the result. Play-to-earn and metaverse can provide profits far above a digital gold or payment coin.


The bear phase in the crypto market has been tough for the likes of Ethereum (ETH) and Avalanche (AVAX) as crypto investors shy away from DeFi projects. The bear market in NFT sales didn’t help ETH either, and it could take a long time for both coins to recover. Investors who got their fingers burned investing in these NFTs should take a look at the Metacade presale. The markets are all primed and ready for a possible meme coin-like rise in MCADE. In addition, the Metacade arcade could disrupt the play-to-earn sector, and with the right game titles, this metaverse project could see its market value rise even higher.
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