Pensioenfonds’ APC shows the direction the area around Plaza Waterfort will take

WILLEMSTAD – Waterfort Plaza Masterplan is ready and is being assessed by the Ministry of Transport. This is stated by the General Pension Fund of Curaçao, APC. The overall plan is an urban development with ‘gutters’ and mood pictures.

According to APC, it is not about the architecture, nor about a final design, but about the description of a development direction for the Waterfort Plaza area, where quality of life, quality, heritage, climate, sustainability and economy are of crucial importance. .

The redevelopment of Waterfort Plaza offers the unique opportunity to make the area part of the rest of Punda and Willemstad and create a relationship between the existing and the new, taking into account the rest of the environment.

After the VVRP Ministry has approved the comprehensive plan, the architectural team can continue with the architecture and other design work.

The master plan and accompanying model were also presented this week to Governor Lucille George-Wout and the Acting Representative of the Netherlands in Willemstad, Judith Jeurissen.

Framework and strategy

The island development plan is taken into account when developing the overall plan. the UNESCO-designated Outstanding Universal Value of Historic Willemstad, the Monument Island Ordinance for the arches of the water fort, the government program 2022-2025 and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Due to its size, location and ambitions, the redevelopment requires a tailored development strategy. The place has a rich history. The starting point is to build on the area’s existing cultural and historical values. There must be an understanding of the current city’s scale, and conversely, users must also be able to make this new district their own based on their (unconscious) knowledge of the city.

Master plan

From the first studies to the master plan, it became clear that the historic framework, namely the Waterfort, Fort Amsterdam, Plaza Piar and Plaza Cola Debrot, must be respected, preserved and, where possible, even reinforced.

The direction of the new buildings should not follow the fort, but should leave the fort autonomous. The new buildings will have their own identity, but will seek coherence and dialogue with the historical environment in relation to scale and orientation.

In this way, a new chapter is added to the story without breaking the story. On the basis of the above, a composition of volumes has been created that is linked to the existing city in length and width, but also in height.

Towards the sea, the height rises slowly, so that it is not a carpet of a certain height, but a playful whole with one accent that marks the harbor entrance.

The overall plan chose a finely meshed structure of connections. A fine net, which can also be experienced in historic Punda, where all the senses play a role. You smell the sea and the food before you see it; you hear the music, the laughter and the buzz before you see it.

The connections on the Waterfort Plaza project must also have these qualities as they appeal to our humanity and to gain new experiences.

The connections all have their own characteristics such as height differences, bridge connections, sea views or squares. Due to the great diversity of functions and appearance, the connections do not compete with each other, but reinforce each other through synergy and experiential value.

You can walk, enjoy the sea, the city and the context in which everything takes place. But you can also specifically look for certain functions or relax recreationally. A wide range of experiences that will appeal to a diverse group of visitors and users.

Water Fort Festival

Coinciding with Willemstad’s 25th anniversary on the UNESCO World Heritage List, the Waterfort Festival will take place on Saturday 3 December 2022, organized in close collaboration with the experts from Kaya Kaya.

With this, APC officially launches the redevelopment of Waterfort Plaza. The overall theme of the event is past, present and future. APC will be present in the arches of Plaza Cola Debrot with a visual representation of the master plan.

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