BNB can go to $500 but Dash 2 Trade can go x10

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The BNB coin price has bounced off the support at $260 and the direct support line for BNB will be close to $230, candles above this level could potentially trigger a rally. On the technical level, it seems that BNB will start to rise due to an increase in the number of buy transactions.

BNB Blockchain is now supported by OpenSea

The largest non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace, OpenSea, announced earlier this week that it will also support NFTs from the BNB chain. By supporting NFTs on Binance’s blockchain, OpenSea BNB users can buy and sell NFTs.

Developers on the BNB chain will have access to more creator payouts, real-time payments, collection management and other benefits after the addition of the OpenSeas Seaport Protocol in Q4 2022.

OpenSea’s head, Jeremy Fine, said the company is looking forward to adding more blockchains to the NFT marketplace’s customers. Jeremy added that they can’t wait to improve the user experience on the platform using more blockchains, including the BNB chain.

With this integration, OpenSea hopes to reduce gas costs, remove start-up load and make confirmations easier. Due to this integration of the BNB chain, the value of BNB/USD can increase significantly.

DeFi Protocol on BNB Chain, Ankr, Attacked by Hacker

The DeFi protocol, Ankr, had a bug that was exploited, resulting in a bizarre amount of aBNBc tokens being minted on the staking platform in a matter of hours. Users can convert their BNB coins to aBNBc from the BNB coin via a floating smart contract.

However, the massive swap on PancakeSwap had caused a massive drop in liquidity on the decentralized exchange. On-chain security analyst PeckShield was the first to learn of the attack. Ankr indicated on Twitter that hackers misused the aBNB token and that it is contacting other exchanges not to trade with this stolen token.

Reports show that the hacker has created 20 trillion Ankr Reward Bearing Staked BNB (aBNBc), this token serves as a reward for locking BNB tokens. According to a tweet by LookOnChain, an on-chain analyst, the hacker has used Tornado Cash, UniSwap and other bridges to exchange and hide his loot and get about $5 million USD coins.

Crypto exchange Binance tweeted on December 2 that employees are conducting further investigations into the incident and assured users that their investments are safe.

According to the BNB chain’s Twitter page, the address is on the user’s crypto wallet blocked. The news of this hack caused the BNB/USD pair to fall.

BNB Coin Price & Tokenomics

BNB’s current price is at $290, with trading activity of $792 million in the last hour, up approximately 0.40% and down 7% over the past 7 days. BNB is currently ranked 4th on CoinMarketCap and has a live market cap of $46 billion. There are currently 159,970,075 (159.97 million) BNB coins in circulation out of a total supply of 200 million BNB coins.

BNB Price Chart – Source: Tradingview
BNB Price Chart – Source: Tradingview

The BNB/USD pair has started at $292.30, with a high of $293.70 and a low of $285.70. Technically, the coin could shoot towards $500, but on the way there, $300 and $395 will come in as stiff resistance.

Due to the current bearish outlook for the BNB coin, we have a project that is currently doing well, which is Dash 2 Trade. Let’s see further!

See the current Binance Coin price here.

Dash 2 Trade (D2T)

Dash 2 Trade is a decentralized trading platform that functions as a cryptocurrency analysis tool that, among other things, allows users to backtest their strategies before implementing them in the market. Users of the platform can also act automatically without having to keep an eye on everything themselves. Dash 2 Trade can help many users with their many useful tools.

Traders and investors can also take advantage of signals for new opportunities in the market that indicate whether it is best to buy or sell. Trading and applying strategies is much easier with strategy builders and trading platforms than without.

Dash 2 Trade’s native token, D2T, is currently available for pre-sale. After this presale, the token will be added on LBANK and BitMart. Although the pre-sale started a little over a month ago, it is already almost entering its final phase.

The D2T token will be a means by which users can pay for the platform’s services and tools, as well as participate in contests and other events within the Dash 2 Trade community. The token has already raised over $7.8 million in its presale, which is already nearly 90% complete.

Early investors who buy during the presale have the opportunity to earn a lot after the token is added to exchanges and it will become available to many more users.

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