Take a break in Koggeparken

Zwolle – If all goes well, the first part of the Koggeparken will be ready at the end of next year. The municipal board approved this week the final design of this green carpet through Spoorzone Zwolle. The final design concerns the first phase of Koggeparken. This is the part that runs from Van Karnebeekpad to Hanzelaan. This section will be built first.

In the middle of the Spoorzone’s urban pulse, Koggeparken will soon be a place to relax, meet each other or go for a walk. Bane zone mayor Gerdien Rots: “People will already be able to experience the first part of Koggeparken at the end of next year. This is the first real permanent change to the public space in this part of the Spoorzone. At the same time, a big step towards a greener Spoorzone that is also better equipped for climate change.

The green carpet will continue to expand in the near future. Together with, among other things, the Spoorparken along the railway, the Spoorzonen will soon have an outdoor space where it is nice to stay. Personally, I can’t wait for that to happen.”

Green and accessible

Koggelaan will become a bicycle street where the car is a guest. The roadway and sidewalks along Koggelaan will be narrowed to create more space for greenery. There will be plants on the quays where you can walk between. Stairs will be replaced by ramps as far as possible, so that the banks are also accessible to people with wheelchairs or prams, and there will be seating and rest areas in various places. Exactly which plants will be in the park will be worked out in more detail in the near future. In any case, the plants will be attractive to insects and birds.

A platform will be built on the waterfront at Lübeckplein. This gives the visitor the opportunity to experience the water even more, and the square is directly connected to the water. The new design of Koggelaan not only looks more attractive. The greenery also limits the heating of the city in hot summers. In addition, rainwater is retained in wadis. This means that when it rains, the water sinks into the ground instead of being drained to the sewer. Part of the current pavement material will be reused in the new pavement.

The intersection of Koggelaan and Van Karnebeekpad will also be changed in the first phase of construction. The pendulum in the current connection will be removed, making the intersection more manageable and safer. The cycle path between the two tunnels will also be widened.


The section of Koggeparken between Hanzelaan and Oostzeelaan will receive a number of temporary adjustments in anticipation of the final layout. In any case, the bicycle street in red asphalt is extended here and the green strip is extended. The final layout of this part of the Koggeparken will follow later along with plans for the public space in the Hanzekwartier. The other parts of the Koggeparken, which in the future will run from Willemsvaart to Het Gildenhof (Hanzebad location), will also be completed at a later date.

Think tank

From the beginning, a cooperative group of residents has been involved in the planning of Koggeparken. Other stakeholders, such as Zone College, also contributed ideas. The think tank and stakeholders are excited about the final design.

The brainstorming group also came up with two ideas which will be implemented in the first phase. A Happy Bees Berm will be installed in the green zone at Stockholmstraat and the stairs at the Wharfinger statue will have a greener appearance thanks to planting. The regional university is also thinking about how the water along the Koggelaan can be made as green as possible, so that the water also becomes attractive to, for example, fish.

The construction of Koggeparken starts from April 2023 and lasts until the end of the same year. To ensure that the area remains easily accessible, the municipality is dividing the work into a number of phases. In the spring of 2024, greenery will be planted in Koggeparken. Then Spoorzone Zwolle is a park richer. The construction of Koggeparken is partly made possible by grants from the province and the national government.

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