A cool playroom for Lucas and Tijn in Huizen

Nikki and Leon, parents of Lucas and Tijn, called on the DIY team at Eigen Huis & Tuin Lekker Leven because they wanted a nice playroom for their sons. They had already made an attempt before, but the room was still gloomy and not at all inviting for the boys to actually play there. Fortunately, our handyman team knew what to do with this and got down to business.

So Lucas and Tijn’s playroom had already been realized by Nikki and Leon, but it was still very boring and without atmosphere. As a result, the boys didn’t really play there. It’s up to the DIY team to make this a super cool place where the boys can play for hours!

The children love to build, climb and play. The wish is therefore that there will be a cozy cabin, a building site for LEGO and last but not least: a place where they can play together. Patrick immediately got a few good ideas and got down to business.

The design

Patrick shared his thoughts with interior stylist Roy, resulting in a beautiful design. Nikki and Leon love a calm look, and they have created this themselves in their interior by choosing a calm wallpaper and letting soft colors return to the furniture. This style is therefore also implemented in the playroom. The layout takes into account sufficient storage space to prevent chaos. We have also thought of a real climbing and playhouse. In short, every wish has been listened to.

A calm wallpaper

To start with, two of the four walls were given a nice, calm blue color as a base. The other two walls were given a playful wallpaper that fits nicely with the color palette of the rest of the room.

Because the walls of the house were plastered, there was a rough structure with all kinds of sharp irregularities in the wall. As a result, it could not be wallpapered directly. This one doesn’t stick well and you can still see the bumps through it. Therefore, Patrick first sanded the walls smooth so that the wallpaper could be stuck nice and tight.

The climbing castle

The room is nice and big, so the desire for a climbing castle could not be ignored. Patrick chose to make the castle entirely in wood, with an open cabinet on the side. An extra nice thing about this closet is that it is multi-functional as it doubles as the castle’s staircase. An efficient storage space without taking up too much space. At the top of the stairs is a platform for the boys to play on.

Cleaning idea for loose clutter

Roy had a really good idea to clean up markers, pencils and other loose tools and toys from the boys. By attaching hooks and flower pots to a wooden board, he created a super practical clean-up system. In this way, the boys can easily store their loose mess and the room remains – if all goes well – nice and tidy.

He gives the plate a soft color, which Patrick also used for the fronts of the storage cabinet. In this way, the color returns several times, and more unity is created.

A craft corner with storage cupboard

The next piece of furniture that Patrick made again provided a lot of storage space. For this piece of furniture he used the same materials as the climbing castle. To make the challenge of cleaning up a little more fun, he has chosen roller bins under the furniture. In this way, the boys can walk through the room with the bins after playing and easily clean up their toys themselves.

Wall decoration

In order to give the room the desired atmosphere, decoration is naturally also thought of. Roy is very creative and has once again created beautiful works of art for the wall. This time he started working with two canvases and dominoes. He made the boys’ first letters from these stones, gave the artwork a cool color and hung them above the cabinet in the craft corner.

Different rugs

The playroom has a spacious surface, which creates a large open space. Roy has covered the floor with different carpets, so that different play zones are created. In addition, it makes the room a little warmer and softer. This is especially nice because there is a tiled floor. It plays just a little bit better on a soft carpet.

There is a nice soft sofa under the play castle, so you can also relax or play games.

The end result

The playroom has become beautiful and offers a climbing castle, a place to build and make crafts. Lucas and Tijn are very happy with their cool playroom and are eager to climb, build, make crafts and play games together.


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