10 non-existent sets we’d love to see

Have you ever fantasized about a LEGO set that doesn’t exist? You are not the only one. That is why LEGO has created the idea concept. Anyone can submit a design there, which can even be put into production. WANT editor Dennis Mons has listed a few favorites.

People with a love for LEGO will no doubt want an episode of LEGO Masters looked. Builders are given a task there and it results in brilliant designs. But the best masters don’t always have to be on TV, as LEGO Ideas shows.

LEGO Ideas and the most ingenious constructions ever

The great thing about Ideas is that literally anyone can come up with their own design. LEGO then puts it on its own website and people can vote on it. At 10,000 upvotes, the Danish company will have its Builders look at it, and some of these sets will actually be in stores.

I have listed you some sets that have almost 10,000 votes or are just inspiring if you are a free builder.

#1 Jack Skellington’s house

The Nightmare Before Christmas For me, it belongs on the list of best Christmas movies ever. That makes this house of the main character Jack Skellington extra desirable. The developer ‘Tvrulesmylife’ has at least managed to capture the gothic style of Tim Burton and director Henry Sellick.

LEGO ideas
What is it?! (Image: LEGO)

#2 Portal Gun out Portal 2

‘Hooded-Blaze’ has recreated the fantastic portal gun from the game of the same name. This Aperture Science’s Quantum Tunneling Device (as it is officially called) consists of 834 stones. The counter now stands at 2230 votes.

LEGO portal
The cake is a lie. (Image: LEGO)

#3 The Trojan Horse

This beautiful structure is based on the hollow horse that was probably used by the Greeks in the Trojan War. This huge work of art consists of 2700 pieces and features eight minifigs: Achilles, Odysseus and six elite soldiers. (The counter is at 4817.)

Trojan horse
A classic construction (Image: LEGO)

#4 LEGO Jet Car from Agent K

This Agent K car Men in black is an absolute classic. The coolest thing about this LEGO set is definitely that the car is able to transform. The structure now has 1067 votes.

jet car
An iconic car. (Image: LEGO)

#5 The first Sony PlayStation

We can safely say that this is a lot of nostalgia for many people. This build of the 1994 game console is extremely detailed and even has a circuit board with parts and chips.

Sony Playstation Lego
Unfortunately, it doesn’t really work. (Image: LEGO)
Playstation Lego
Fantastically detailed. (Image: LEGO)

#6 The first Apple Macintosh

This Mac dates from 1984 and is at least as iconic as the first PlayStation. This model consists of 1840 parts. There is a floppy disk that you can remove and the screen is replaceable.

Hello World. (Image: LEGO)

#7 A cat for your home

So cute! (Image: LEGO) (Image: LEGO)

This is just about one of the cutest sets ever. It consists of 1972 pieces and is over 30 centimeters high. The structure is based on the cat from The Yellow Brick; a cross between a Siamese and a Burmese. By the way, this idea has 10,000 votes, so hopefully we’ll see it in stores.

#8 This nice LEGO style

Also It is fine has 10,000 votes and is therefore judged by LEGO itself. It is the well-known meme based on the cartoon by KC Green. By the way, the creator plans to build more memes.

It's fine LEGO
Brilliant construction of a meme. (Image: LEGO)

#9 The ‘Escher room’ from Labyrinth

This beautiful set is quite a construction. It consists of exactly 3000 stones. It is based on the Escher room from the film Labyrinth from 1986. In addition to the large set, designer ‘ColonelAttentiveCandy’ also added three mini-figs: Sarah (played by Jennifer Connelly), Jareth, The Goblin King (David Bowie) and baby Toby (Toby Froud).

#10 Out of the house with LEGO balloons Up

This brilliant set is also an absolute masterpiece. And several people agreed on that. This set also has 10,000 votes. The most brilliant thing about the set is the balloons, which are removable. Maker Vaicko added four figures to the set: Carl Fredricksen, Ellie, Russell, Kevin and Dug.

It looks like he could fly right away. (Image: LEGO)

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