Miriam from Apeldoorn designed this year’s December stamps: ‘I really thought it was an honour!’

PostNL’s festive December stamps were designed this year by Apeldoorner Miriam Bos. “I happened to be thinking about it for a while. I had even made some sketches,” says the illustrator. Until suddenly PostNL approached Miriam themselves for the December 2022 stamps. “Of course, I didn’t have to think about it for long!”

Miriam Bos has been an illustrator for more than fifteen years. Her work ranges from children’s books, patterns and cards to office supplies. Every year PostNL’s December stamps are designed in collaboration with an artist. This year, Miriam was allowed to work for PostNL. “I really thought it was an honor to be able to design the December stamps!”

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Miriam in her own studio | Photo: Sandra Smulders

As it was meant to be

It is almost a year since Miriam started this project. It actually started a bit by accident. Miriam: “It was a lot of fun. As an illustrator, you always start designing for a certain holiday long in advance. In January this year, I played with the idea of ​​the December stamps. I put some sketches on paper and thought about approaching PostNL.” Meanwhile, PostNL had already seen Miriam’s work. “I suddenly had a message from PostNL in my inbox: if I was interested in designing the December stamps. As it was meant to be. Of course the answer was a resounding yes!”

Nostalgia and togetherness

Christmas was actually just over when Miriam started working for this year. She first designed three stamps to choose a line. From there she created the entire design. “The ‘nostalgic and hip’ atmosphere was very important. In addition to being together at Christmas. That’s why I really wanted to convey the joy of Christmas in the stamps,’ says Miriam. “Fortunately, it was a match and I made the ten different stamps.


Miriam has used different materials and a mix of techniques for designs. “I painted all the designs by hand. Then I scanned them to play with the composition on the computer and improve it here and there. Sometimes I painted the whole scene, like with the snow globe. But with some stamps, I basically painted loose elements and determined the final composition on the computer,” explains Miriam. Although the seals are all very different, you can clearly see Miriam’s handwriting. “My style is actually very broad, but I have a handwriting. Cheerful and colorful use of colors and nice accents really suit me. Less is more not really my thing haha! In addition, I do a lot hand lettering and that is reflected in a number of my designs.”

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This year’s PostNL December stamps | Photo: PostNL

Stamps with a wink

There is also a wink from Miriam herself in the designs. “I’m not super traditional at Christmas, but I always love Christmas decorations. If I see some very nice decorations somewhere, I sometimes take a picture and send it to my mother. I have also reflected that in the stamps: wanting to share. For example, on one stamp you see a hand with a phone taking a picture of a Christmas tree.”

When asked what Miriam’s favorite stamp design is, she has a clear answer. “There’s a seal with a glove tipping three envelopes in a red mailbox. That’s what I liked most about making. Every year I make a Christmas card myself that I send with a December stamp on it. Now that I year to send my own Christmas cards with my own December stamp on them, it is of course extra special. That is why there is also a dross effect: you see the same December stamp on the envelopes!”

Buy your December stamps now

Do you also want to send a Christmas card with Miriam’s cheerful December stamps? The stamps are now in stores until January 6, 2023. Buy two sheets now and receive a free unique Christmas bauble designed in collaboration with Vondels Amsterdam (!). Please note: promotion terms and conditions apply and gone = gone. You buy the December stamps at a PostNL location or order them online in the PostNL web shop.

Curious about more backstories about how the designs came about? So keep an eye on Miriam’s Instagram profile for fun updates.

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