Studio 100 launches exclusive club based on blockchain technology

Studio 100 offers its fans the opportunity to become a member of an exclusive club. Such a membership gives you access to 25 ‘unique experiences’ and can be resold. The project uses non-fungible tokens (NFTs), but without focusing on that technology.

Studio 100 is not primarily aimed at crypto-coin enthusiasts and NFTs, digital certificates of ownership on a blockchain. “The Studio 100 Magic Circle is an exclusive community for the real fans of our entertainment,” says Kevin De Mulder, Head of Digital at Studio 100. “A ticket like this should be as easy to buy as a ticket to our Sinterklaas show. The technology behind the project is a means, not an end in itself.’

Such a ticket should be as easy to buy as a ticket to our Sinterklaas show.

Kevin De Mulder

Head of Digital at Studio 100

There will be 250 membership cards on the market. They stand for 25 unique experiences, a reference to the company’s 25th anniversary. Members get all kinds of benefits, from price reductions to free tickets and invitations to backstage and press conferences. ‘You can hardly open something like this to thousands of people,’ says De Mulder. He talks about an experiment with the possibilities of NFTs, which does not exclude larger projects later on.

Kevin De Mulder, Head of Digital at Studio 100

Now about 25 membership cards are being given away to people who bought tickets to the Studio 100 Rewind Party or the Sinterklaas show. The other tickets will be sold at the beginning of next year, when the company will again target visitors to major events. The price will be announced at the beginning of next year.


Members can sell the digital card, each with a unique image of Samson the dog, just like any other NFT. They don’t have to worry about crypto coins and wallets when they buy. Studio 100 calls on the Antwerp company Venly to simplify the experience and keep the crypto aspects in the background.


The Ghent company SiteManager is working on a strategic partnership with Venly in Antwerp. Companies can then integrate Venly’s solutions with minimal programming effort.

Venly boasts 3 million end users. It offers user-friendly digital wallets.

Venly is available on the popular e-commerce platform Shopify.

It is Studio 100 that creates the NFTs and registers them on the blockchain. For this, the Polygon platform is used, which is compatible with the Ethereum blockchain.

The fans buy the membership with euros. Then it is taken from the company’s digital wallet to the tab on the Venly platform. At events, it is checked whether the user has the card in their Venly wallet. The holder of the card can send them to any other crypto wallet, for example to sell it. The membership purchaser must create a member profile to stay informed of events. In this way, Studio 100 has an overview of who the club’s members are.

No code

Members of the club would be able to vote on aspects of the programming.

Alexander Hoogewijs

Founder and CEO of SiteManager

Studio 100 also uses the services of Gents SiteManager, which makes it possible to build sites and applications with little or no programming code. The company has developed various modules for Web 3.0, the ‘decentralized web’ that often uses blockchain technology. To record the NFTs on a blockchain and make the exclusive content available to members, the entertainment company relies on a few of these modules.

‘The membership card system based on NFTs offers numerous possibilities,’ explains SiteManager CEO Alexander Hoogewijs. ‘Members may be asked to provide feedback but also to vote on aspects of the programming.’

The essence

  • Studio 100 launches an exclusive club for 250 fans. They can buy a digital membership card with a unique image of the dog Samson. Members get access to 25 unique experiences.
  • Blockchain technology and NFTs are used in the background.
  • The emphasis is on community work, not crypto-technology.

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