Crypto investors are pulling into this new play-for-profit game

Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is a new game to earn NFT battle card game that is quickly gaining traction among crypto investors and interested players alike.

In Calvaria, players compete in tournaments using cards representing different characters in an afterlife-themed world made up of three different factions. Each character has their own unique set of skills and a 3D character model that comes to life on the battlefield as soon as the map is deployed.

An experienced team is currently developing the game, leveraging the Polygon network to create an immersive play-to-earn and NFT trading experience. The game has quickly gained support from a growing community of investors, raising €2.25 million in the presale with only 27% of tokens remaining.

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Free games, games to earn, strategy and trading

Play to earn in the world of Calvaria means players can earn rewards such as tokens, upgrades and unique NFT character cards by appearing in tournaments. The game’s native token $RIA encourages players to play more actively and serves as the backbone of the game’s economy. With $RIA tokens, players will be able to purchase items directly from the in-game store or trade with other players on secondary marketplaces.

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The team is developing two versions of the game: a free-to-play version that can be downloaded from app stores, and a play-to-earn model version that will have all blockchain features included. Their goal is not to scare off non-crypto users with technical barriers to begin with. According to the project’s white paper, the team has developed strategies aimed at making the free version both a motivation to delve deeper into the play-to-earn version and an educational tool to turn members of the general public into informed crypto users.

Simply put, the free-to-play version gives players a taste of gameplay and huge potential to earn rewards while being drawn into an addictive strategy-based community built on a real-world trading economy. .

The game will also have another form of currency in the form of NFT collectibles. These tokens will give their owners advantages and an advantage over other opponents. Furthermore, as with all other NFTs, these collectibles are owned by the players who purchased them – allowing collectors to resell their assets on third-party NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea and Rarible.

Calvaria will also offer other game modes to suit each player’s needs, including those looking to team up with others, collect currency and assets, or complete the single player campaign.

The core of Calvaria is competitive and strategic, each player’s goal is to beat their opponent through smart card selection and play order using positioning and upgrades at the best times.

More than just playing to earn

The play-to-earn model integrated into the game motivates players to play more by rewarding them with $RIA tokens for their playing time. In addition, Calvaria also wants to introduce their own internal Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) with a unique governance and stake system that allows non-gaming users to earn rewards by participating in decision-making processes and voting.

The key feature that makes this game different from other games is that players have full ownership of their resources and assets. Players can gather a variety of resources to support the strategy they choose to pursue. They can also buy and sell these resources, both in and out of the game itself.

At the end of the day, Calvaria: DoE is a game of immense strategic depth, where every battle played matters and every map has its own unique role. With an enticing free-to-play version and unique play-to-earn features, collectible assets and an ever-changing metagame, it promises to be one of the most engaging gaming experiences on the market with the potential to bring new players to the cryptoverse . receive.

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