FAT! Club Bryan Ruiz releases limited edition jersey to honor his career

Bryan Ruiz’s farewell match between LD Alajuelense and FC Twente will be played on Saturday 17 December at 23:00. The Costa Rican club released a special shirt before the match to honor Ruiz’s career. It is a limited edition shirt that has only been made a thousand times.

“A historic shirt | You can now buy the official shirt for Bryan Ruiz’s farewell match!”, Ruiz’s club reports on its Twitter account. “It has a unique design and is inspired by the captain’s career. Only a thousand original items will be made of this collection shirt, which is designed together with Ruiz.”

Each shirt has its own special number. The shirt is not cheap. It costs 62,000 Costa Rican colons or one hundred euros. Members of LD Alajuelense get a ten percent discount and pay 55,800 colones or ninety euros. At the moment it is not possible to order the shirt online, at least in the Netherlands. The link to the page where you can order the special shirt is not working. The jersey is on sale at Tienda La Liga Estadio, the stadium of LD Alajuelense, and City Mall, a store in Alajuela.

The shirt isn’t the only thing the Costa Rican club will release in honor of Ruiz’s career. The club has announced that it will also come with hoodies, t-shirts with different designs and even a captain’s armband.

Explanation design shirt

The club explains the design of the shirt. “The jersey has 19 blue stripes down the middle for Bryan’s 19-year career. The blue color represents the club Los Nietos del Abuelo, where he started his career. White, red and black form the basis of this commemorative piece, as these colors have dominated the shirts of the clubs where he has played. On the left arm we see the ‘C’ for ‘Capitán’ and on the right arm we see all the trophies that Bryan Ruiz González has won during his successful career,” explains LD Alajuelense on her official website.

“On the right chest is a logo representing the most iconic goal of his career and one of the most important goals in Costa Rica’s history, the goal he scored against Italy at the World Cup in Brazil in 2014. And of course the shirt is personalized with the number ten and ‘ BRYAN’ on the back. The song is patterned with all the logos of all the teams the Costa Rican legend has played for during his career. It is a work of art. The design took four months. This has resulted in the perfect tribute to our captain’s long career.” Watch a video of the shirt with these beautiful details at the bottom of the article.

“For our fans, this is a special jersey with many details,” says LD Alajuelense commercial director Oliver Nowalski. “These details each tell a story. This could be as simple as the color blue for the team where Bryan’s grandfather started. It is an essential part for anyone who admires Ruiz’s career.”

The design was carried out by the company Gensler. Head of Design Federico Mentero explains how the design of this special shirt went. “We have drawn up a vision together with Bryan. We have spoken to him many times about his personal life, challenges he has faced. This was a way to get to know him thoroughly as a person. We captured all these ideas in the creative process which resulted in the design of the shirt,” says Mentero.

The shirt was eventually produced by Operations of Lab96. Operations director Vindas explains that the shirt is made to the highest quality standards. “This exclusive garment is unlike any other. It is more luxurious with the highest quality standards possible. We had to get the materials from other countries to meet the requirements of the apartment,” concludes Vindas.

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