IMPT Presale ends in less than 48 hours

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The IMPT pre-sale has already raised €16.8 million. The pre-sale is only open for a few days and it is still possible to invest in this promising crypto. It managed to raise €1 million in the last 24 hours, investors seem to jump in at the last minute to buy the tokens at a low price.

Initial sales on crypto exchanges will begin on December 14 on Uniswap, LBANK Exchange and Changelly Pro. The first sale on an exchange in combination with the plan to build a decentralized carbon credit marketplace raises high expectations. IMPT may very well become the next big crypto in the crypto ecosystem.

Take action now and invest in the next big crypto: Two days left to invest in 16 million euros in pre-sale

It was recently announced that IMPT’s pre-sale will end on December 11, prompting investors who did not yet own IMPT to invest quickly. The token price is $0.023, a price on the low side, especially when the coin is to be sold on exchanges.

The market seems to think so too, the total number of tokens sold went from €14.5 to €16.8 million in a few days.

Assuming demand remains constant and $1 million is raised each day, that would mean a total of $19 million more IMPT tokens are sold. In total, it is 943.8 million IMPT tokens or 31.5% of all 3 billion IMPT tokens.

The sale managed to get a lot of attention from investors in the recent period. This mainly has to do with the fundamentals of the crypto project. A marketplace is being built to receive and sell NFT-based carbon credits. This can be done, among other things, by shopping with environmentally friendly partners of the platform.

According to IMPT, it already has partnerships with 25,000 affiliate merchants, meaning users have plenty of choice when shopping on the platform. By trading with these partners, users will receive IMPT tokens which can be used to exchange for NFT carbon credits.

Once a user owns the credits, they can be sold on IMPT’s marketplace or destroyed. Destroying the credits gives the user a higher score. This score tracks the user’s ecological footprint and the impact on the environment that the user has. This gives users the opportunity to get an idea of ​​how big their impact is on the environment.

It is good to realize that the IMPT token will grow in parallel with the growth of the IMPT platform. The token has actual use because it is used for NFT carbon offset. The more the IMPT platform is used, the greater the demand for IMPT tokens and the price may also grow.

IMPT tokenizes carbon credits as non-fungible tokens, which has great benefits for the transparency and reliability of offsets. The lack of trust in current compensation projects is a major problem and has been demonstrated several times by journalists. Blockchain technology is transparent, so there is no possibility of fraud.

Only two days left to invest

Although there are only two days left in the IMPT presale, users can still participate in the presale by visiting the IMPT website. Here it is possible to connect a crypto wallet via MetaMask or Wallet Collect. With ETH or USDT, IMPT can be bought for $0.023 per token.

IMPT will be offered at Changelly Pro, Uniswap and LBANK Exchange from December 14th. The platform is working on several crypto exchanges to be able to sell the token here in the coming months. The three exchanges have a combined daily trading volume of more than $2 billion, giving pre-sale investors enough liquidity to sell the IMPT on any of the exchanges.

When IMPT is compared to previous pre-sales this year, it may very well be that this token will also increase in value after an exchange launch. Similar to Lucky Block (LBLOCK) and Battle Infinity (IBAT), for example, these tokens increased in price after an IPO (6,000%) and (3,000%) compared to the lowest presale price.

The future is uncertain, what is certain is that IMPT’s fundamentals are good and therefore there is a good chance that the token will achieve returns. Whether the token will achieve this kind of huge return is uncertain, but some analysts expect the token to go x100.

IMPT aims to be a socially and environmentally conscious project within the crypto ecosystem. The platform has a unique and highly relevant purpose. In recent years, green crypto coins have become increasingly popular, and therefore there is a good chance that this investment will be profitable.

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