Learn all about blockchain with the Web3 Fundamentals course – Free with STAP.

The web has changed dramatically over the years and is almost unrecognizable from the start. Learning Web3 is therefore an essential skill for anyone working in technology or finance, or simply wanting to learn more about this rapidly growing technology.

Web3’s ambition is to work towards a truly decentralized internet. For the web and everything around it, decentralization has enormous potential. The ecosystem thus provides space and opportunities for everyone to make a career in this revolution in different shapes and sizes.

To take your first steps in Web3 or to make informed decisions when investing in blockchain projects, it is important to master the basics.

In a digital age where a lot of information is available, especially on this topic, it is difficult to distinguish between what can be considered reliable and what cannot. The Web3 Fundamentals course is developed to provide the right tools and to get a better grip on this technology.

Do you want to become a Web3 expert? So learn all about the Web3 Fundamentals course offered by Ironhack and also free with the STAP budget.

What is the Web3 Fundamentals course?

In this course you will learn everything about Web3 and blockchain technology. You will not only learn the basics of concepts like cryptocurrencies, NFTs, DAOs and DeFI. But also how you ultimately apply your knowledge in practice. You will understand how to look at blockchain projects and determine if it has potential or is just a scam. Become an expert in this advanced technology and get the right tools to take the next step in this industry.

It is an online on-demand course of 16 to 20 hours available for free with the STAP budget. This Web3 Fundamentals short course offers a 100% online training in the form of video and text teaching materials. Interactive tasks and activities will also be offered to teach you all the tricks of the trade.

What are you learning?

• What blockchain technology is with examples.

• What are smart contracts and how do they work.

• What an NFT is and how to create one.

• What a dApp is and what their current and future application potential is.

• Understand the key technologies (solidity, ethereum, web.js, etc.) required to operate and develop web3 applications.

• Understand the basics of decentralized finance (DeFi) and what a decentralized exchange (DEX) is.

• Set up your own cryptocurrency wallet and let it communicate with dApps.

• What a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is.

• How to recognize and avoid fraud.

• Understanding the basics of crypto culture and how to follow trends.

• Understand the promises of Web3 (eg Metaverse and GameFi).

• How to conduct your own research and know the most important tools to use.

Want to know more about the content and modules of the Web3 Fundamentals course? Then go to Ironhack’s website.

Who is this course for?

If you have a genuine interest in Web3 and see the opportunities surrounding this industry, then it is only natural that you master the basics of this technology. This course has been developed together with our experts to give you all the tools to make your entrance into this world. This course is the ultimate foundation in the Web3 world.

The course is also aimed at:
• People who want to gain more knowledge in Web3.

• People investing in concepts like blockchain, crypto, NFTs.

• People who want to work in the Web3/blockchain industry.

How long is this course?

The Web3 Fundamentals course takes approximately 16-20 hours in total. You can complete this at your own time and your options and complete the course.

The online course package includes:

✓ Videos in understandable language

✓ Interactive assessments

✓ Hands on activities and tasks

✓ Downloadable templates, manuals and worksheets

✓ Curated list of useful resources

✓ Certificate in Web3

Use the STAP budget

The STAP budget is used for many purposes. One of these options is to use the budget for short courses such as Web3 fundamentals, published by Ironhack. This course can therefore be followed free of charge via the STAP budget. The steps to be taken for this are:

  1. Register here to receive a certificate of participation in the course.
  2. Complete your application with your DigiD on the STAP portal
  3. Start learning after approval of your grant at UWV.

On the Web3 Fundamentals website you will find all the information and you will be guided step by step to a successful grant application. Register for Web3 Fundamentals and register to secure your place.

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