Nobel laureate Krugman predicts eternal crypto winter

It’s been another turbulent week for bitcoin. In this weekly overview you will find the most important and noteworthy news.

Bitcoin price crashes through $17,000

Bitcoin has finally managed to break above $17,000 again. This means that the digital currency has started a small rise. According to various traders, bitcoin is ready for a further increase and we can reach the price of $19,000.

Dutch crypto asset manager Yieldt declared bankruptcy

The Dutch asset manager Yieldt has gone bankrupt. The Rotterdam-based company focused on asset management in the world of bitcoin and crypto.

According to its own website, the company had 1,250 customers. Yieldt provided services that you see more often in this market ± active asset management. This means that there is active trading and movement of the investment portfolio.

Yieldt was active on trading platforms Bitvavo and Kraken.

Ledger launches new hardware wallet: Stax

The company Ledger puts a new hardware wallet on the market. Together with the designer of the iPod, they created Ledger Stax. With the help of Tony Fadell, they will make it easier for users to access cold rooms.

‘ECB raises interest rates next week by 0.50 percent despite recession in the eurozone’

According to economists polled by Reuters, the European Central Bank (ECB) will raise interest rates by 50 basis points (0.50 percent) next week, despite the eurozone economy almost certainly being in recession. On the other hand, inflation is still five times higher than the 2 percent target, forcing the ECB to make tough choices.

“Europe wants companies to report on customers”

Bitcoin and the entire crypto sector should bring billions to the EU. An amount of €2.4 billion passes by in a leaked proposal.

In practice, this primarily concerns companies’ reporting to Europe. This includes sharing information about customers’ money. These are guidelines for service providers in the European Union. It is not yet clear what consequences this will have for providers outside of Europe.

Reuters: Goldman Sachs wants to buy crypto companies

Goldman Sachs wants to buy crypto companies after the collapse of the crypto exchange FTX. Mathew McDermott, head of digital assets at the investment bank, told Reuters.

Bitcoin company Strike enables payments to 3 African countries

Strike sends bitcoin payments to Nigeria. enabling Kenya and Ghana. These countries appear as an option via the ‘Send Globally’ feature in the Strike app.

Built With Bitcoin Foundation opens new technology center in Ghana

The Built With Bitcoin Foundation, is a non-profit humanitarian organization powered by bitcoin. The organization’s next achievement is the construction of the “Bitcoin Technology Center” (BTC), which provides education in economics and technology.

Nobel laureate Krugman predicts eternal crypto winter

Nobel laureate Paul Krugman warns of an eternal crypto winter. The economist does not think things will get better with cryptocurrencies.

Rational Root: Has Bitcoin Bottomed?

The Rational Root is currently making waves on Twitter with its incisive on-chain analysis of bitcoin. This time it strikes again, and the Dutch(!) analyst predicts that bitcoin may have seen the bottom of the bear market in 2022. The analyst bases this on the percentage of all bitcoin that has changed address around a certain rate.

Plan B: Bitcoin price goes to at least $100,000

We all know PlanB from the infamous stock-to-flow model. The analyst published the model in 2019 and quickly gained fame within the bitcoin community. His success did not last long, because the model is now quite far wrong with its predictions. That does not prevent PlanB from making itself heard and this time it strikes again with a brutal price forecast.

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