Why does one woman like the bad boy and another goes for the good guy?

What is it anyway? That some women fall head over heels for the wrong man, aka ‘bad boy’, and other women prefer to go for a good guy, or the nice guy. There is apparently a psychological and scientific explanation for this.

Are ladies more likely to choose a bad boy or a nice guy? Social and personality psychologist Jeremy Nicholson writes about the good and bad for the American Psychology today. By the way, did you know all these two characteristics, which are essential for a stable relationship?

Characteristics of bad boy or nice guy

To answer the aforementioned question, Nicholson refers to a study conducted by Casey DeBuse. He originally researched how women describe a nice guy or bad boy.

To this end, the researcher distinguished between four types of men. The hero, the bad boy, the loser and the nice guy. In addition, women attributed certain characteristics to the type of man.

  • Dominance – Bad boys and heroes were seen as more dominant than nice guys and losers.
  • Support – Women associated the nice guys and heroes as a more supportive type.
  • Physical attraction – The ladies saw heroes and bad boys as more physically attractive. The loser ended up at the bottom and the nice guy in the middle.

Characteristics of women

The researcher also looked at how women thought about the type of man. Did they see him as a sexual partner or relationship partner? The female gender favored the hero, both sexually and relationally. The loser was the least loved. And the bad boy and the nice guy fell in the middle. Depends on the woman’s personal preference.

A further study by DeBuse shed more light on what type of women choose which type of man. Because there were also a number of psychological aspects involved. Women who had an avoidant attachment style were less attracted to supportive partners, also known as the nice guys and heroes. Women who felt anxious were more likely to fall for dominant men, the bad boy or hero. Women with a good self-image were more likely to fall for the nice guy over the bad boy. And ladies with a higher socio-sexual orientation preferred the bad boys.

Short term fling or longer relationship

Nicholson backs this up with another study by Anita McDaniel. It showed that women chose a date with a nice guy if they wanted to have a conversation or bond with a nice man, without physical contact. As soon as they wanted to have physical contact and have fun, they chose a sexy man, also known as a bad boy. From this, Nicholson concludes that women looking for a long-term relationship prefer a good guy. On the other hand, in a short-term fling, the woman is more likely to choose a bad boy.

Who likes who?

Nicholson summarizes his findings once again, making it clear which women fall for which type of man. Are you signing up?

  • The woman who falls for the bad boy

The woman tends to prioritize short-term physical attraction over a longer and deeper emotional connection. One reason for this may be that the lady in question does not want to commit. But it could also be that she has an avoidant attachment style and struggles with trust. Especially when emotional intimacy is involved. It is also possible that this woman’s self-image is somewhat on the low side and she is selling herself short. She therefore chooses short-term sexual attraction with a ‘bad boy’, perhaps because she thinks this is what she deserves.

  • The woman who falls for the ‘nice guy’

Choosing the good guy means that this woman prefers an emotional connection. This lady has a higher self-esteem or a lower interest in sex, or a little of both. She chooses a conscientious long-term partner who is willing to commit. Even if this partner is not the most attractive or dominant person.

  • The woman who falls for the hero

This woman is looking for the complete picture. She wants dominance, support and attraction. She can be a little scared, which explains why she gravitates towards the hero. But she has high self-esteem. The woman is looking for passionate but also merciful love. It also turns out that women who are looking for the ‘whole package’ are often the most desirable partner themselves. So a woman looking for a hero also has a chance to attract it.

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Why does one woman like the bad boy and the other goes for the good guy?

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